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When Your Angels Warn You of Danger

Do you ever wonder what your guardian angels are doing and how they are keeping you safe? Sometimes they will send you premonitions in your dreams or there are other ways that your guardian angel can send you signs to keep you safe. Your guardian angels will be there to send you signs of comfort or of danger. They are made to come to you and to help you to live a safe and prosperous life. If you a...[Read More]

Do Empaths Have Fun in Bed?

Empaths are people that often put their needs away and please other people above themselves. Because of this, an empath is often vulnerable to getting their heart broken. Empaths are very sensitive people, and they can pick up on the emotions and feelings of those around them. Since empaths are so emotional and in tune with those around them, they make good lovers. They know what their partners li...[Read More]

How to See Your Aura

Do you know people that always talk about an “aura” and you wonder what people can see on you or around you that you don’t even see or understand? Your aura is part of who you are, and you can use your own aura to help you grow. Aura An aura is the energy field that surrounds everyone’s bodies. There are different layers, and they have different colors and different kinds of energies. This can be ...[Read More]

Ways to Develop Your Psychic Senses

Everyone is born with psychic giftings and they can develop these gifts in order to have stronger connection with the spirit world. Psychic abilities are given to everyone but not everyone knows or understands their gifts. Some people have abilities that they do not develop because they might not even know that they exist. There are different exercises that a person can do to increase their psychi...[Read More]

Building Immunity against Empathic Illnesses and Pain

If you are an empath, there is a strong chance that you will feel unwell or run down more than other people. This is because you can take on the emotional and physical illnesses and pain of others. You may even succumb to various ailments because you are overwhelmed with energy from all sides. The good news is that there are ways to counteract the onslaught of these events. From physical distance ...[Read More]

What Does Seeing White Light in Meditation Mean for You?

Everyone has an aura, and the aura can give people an interpretation of what someone is feeling both in their physical and spiritual being. So, what does it mean when you are seeking spiritual guidance and you see a white light appear? The colors of the aura all represent something different. They help to keep us grounded and they help to make sure that you are able to know when you have blockages...[Read More]

How to Know if Someone is Highly Intuitive

Having a voice inside of you that is talking to you can help you to make decisions that are good for you. When you are aware of this voice, you let your conscious mind help you and you allow your intuition, or your sixth sense to come through. Your sixth sense if a gut feeling that you will have that will let you gather information without really having a way. Who gets the most out of your intuiti...[Read More]

Personality Traits for the Astrological Metal Sign

In Chinese astrology your personality and luck are both determined by your element, based on a 12-year cycle and your zodiac sign. One of the signs is metal which will be described below as related to common personality traits. To begin with, the metal sign is associated with some lucky properties. If you are under the metal sign, you are more likely to have luck in the season of autumn and associ...[Read More]

What It’s like to Date a Libra Woman

A Libra is someone that is not easy to be charmed and she is someone that is going to be affectionate and smart. This is someone that knows what is going on in the room and will know if you are real or fake. She has her planet as the Venus and is independent and will be romantic to you. This is someone that might seem unbalanced, but she is the master of her life and when she wants something, she ...[Read More]

How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides

Do you want to hear from your spirit guides, and you do not know how? Have you ever gone to a psychic reading just so that you could share with them that you are unable to hear your guides talking to you? Problem Spirit guides are part of a different plane that we are on and that is why sometimes it is hard to contact them. These guides want to talk to you, and it is possible to talk to them, you ...[Read More]

Clean Your Aura Today

Having a clean aura can improve the quality your life in countless ways.  One can feel more vibrant, grounded, and receptive to opportunities.  Auras, or energy fields are influenced by the energy exchanges with others, and if we are not careful, can become overburdened by other people’s emotionally and energetic baggage.  Consider the last time you were in a good mood, only for it to change sudde...[Read More]

What to Do When You Have Karmic and Cosmic Ties?

People are usually familiar with karma, but most people do not really realize that karma has to do with cause and effect. The things that people do in their lives will cause there to be something else that happens as they incarnate and reincarnate. They might even meet new people along their journey from many different lifetimes until they reach their highest self. Doing good things and being kind...[Read More]