Letting Go of Desires so They Can Manifest


It can be tough to learn to let go. You may have tried, read the books, and practiced the techniques to the point that you have become obsesses with your desire for whatever you were seeking. The truth is, what you are obsessing over is not going to come to pass unless you learn to let it go. This can be frustrating, but it must be so. This means you should focus on what you want, but also not focus on it in the least. That may not make sense, but read on to find out how to let go and why it is important. Included are techniques to make releasing your desires as simple as can be.

Letting go of your desire means you stop worrying about whether or not it will come to pass, how long it will take, and how much you need it this second. Worry holds you back from manifesting your real desires. Letting go means going about your daily life worry free because you are able to trust the universe. When you trust the universe, things will work out in the perfect time and flow with ease. Your manifestations can move into place perfectly if you stop trying to control every little detail. Try to let your heart know that the universe is working in your favor so you can go about your life. Remember that letting go is not about giving up, it is about letting go of control of the timing and details.

There is no need to give up on your goals, just set your intentions, practice the manifestation techniques, and follow the inspired guidance to reach your desires. These are the things you hold to as you let go of negative feelings and thoughts as you try to manifest. This means the feelings of desperation, obsession, and impatience need to be released. Remember that like attracts like so let go of the negative because these will cause you to manifest lack. You also need to let go of control of the outcome of your manifestation because this creates resistance. When you try to control, you are emitting doubt. Trust the process!

How to Let Go

Now that you know why it is important to let go and why it works, let’s look at the practical side of how to let go. Below are several techniques to manifest from a place of faith and letting go of worry.

  • Manifestation Box – This is a set it and forget it type method that helps with detaching from obsession, fear, and worry, Creating a manifestation box is not just about letting go, but about setting an intention and letting go. First, find a box and fill it with written intentions and anything else that can represent your desire. After you have filled it, store the box away and let the universe work. You may want to include affirmations, photos, money, jewelry, crystals, or sentimental objects in your box.
  • Mindset Work – The subconscious is vast and hosts all your memories, thoughts, feelings, and skills to shape who you are as a person. This is an overall positive, unless you have subconsciously grabbed on to negatives in your life. This programs deep doubt into your mind and makes it easy to try to control your desires instead of letting them flow. The good news is you can reprogram yourself and let go of the limiting beliefs that cause you to be obsessive. Do this by using subliminal messages to retrain your brain, use positive affirmations, surround yourself by those who believe in you, and eliminate stress in life.
  • Meditation – The aim of meditation is to free the mind from the constant chatter of the ego and allow for free flow through your life. A daily meditation routine can take the form you most enjoy to strengthen the mind toward purposeful thinking. Start with 10-20 minutes a day and increase as you can.
  • Create More Fun – To release yourself from the bonds of your manifestation, create more fun in your life. Turning your focus from goals toward leisure allows you to release the stress so your manifestations can form. When you are happy and having fun, you are full of gratitude and create a lifestyle that attracts more of these feelings. Follow your bliss.
  • Be Present – Learning to be present and mindful is about capturing the essence of everything happening in the here and now. In a present state of consciousness, the mind releases past and future thoughts to focus in the moment. Worrying about the past or future creates resistance and can waste time. Be present and allow the gratitude to flow through your reality.

It can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of worry, doubt, fear, and obsession but you are a born creator. Believe in yourself and trust the universe to follow through. As long as you stay aligned, your desires will manifest at the perfect time. In the meantime, enjoy life.