Steps to Inner Peace and Zen

Inner Peace

Everything we see exists in a delicate balance and out ancestors lived according to this equilibrium. We have come very far as far as innovation in society, but going against nature means you are swimming against the natural current. You start by struggling, then start to fight, and eventually drown. What if you were instead to float without fighting the current? You would likely find a peaceful Zen space. Zen is defined as a state of calm awareness when your actions are guided by intuition, not conscious effort. Follow the steps below to start your path to Zen to create tranquility and balance in your life.

  • Return to Self – The path to Zen always begins by looking inward. You must reestablish the connection to self. Your true self is the divine source that flows through every one of us. This allows you to look beyond the veil of illusion and open yourself up to spiritual bliss. The journey back to the self takes time, but it begins with that first step. You may recognize that you seek out something bigger and open your heart to love as you listen to your guiding voice that is calling you to Zen.
  • Comfortable in Stillness – Modern life is much like running on a hamster wheel that is always spinning. Stillness, meaning doing nothing, can help you stop the cycle to create a Zen state. There are a few ways to create this stillness like though guided meditation, practicing breathwork, spending time in nature, journaling, and mindfulness meditation.
  • Cultivate the Sacred – Cultivating the sacred means you make a consistent effort to build a relationship with the divine. This can come in the form of daily rituals to connect or setting aside time for meditation or even prayer. Everyone’s path will vary, so find what works for you.
  • Discover Your Sacred Path – Perhaps you already practice some sacred rituals or customs. Do not feel limited by what you already know as you develop your Zen. Experiment with your rituals so your soul can learn to sing. Developing the sacred can come in different forms for each person. It does not necessarily mean a formal house of worship, but can. Be open to experimenting with different rituals as you work toward your spiritual ascension.
  • Create a Sacred Living Space – A comfortable and creative living area sets the right foundation for peaceful living. Everyone will have preferences and can adapt as needed. Try out some of the following to get started. Try energetic cleansing of the home, utilize Feng Shui, create inspiration through art, consciously choose colors and materials to create an uplifting mood, and use the five elements to infuse their properties. You may also choose to create a shrine for your divine in the home or create a separate space specifically for meditation.
  • Self-Care into Sacred Care – Self-care is an activity meant to purposefully care for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. At the most basic levels, it is about self-respect. Caring for oneself is declaring to yourself and the world you are worthy. Try natural spa treatments, soaking in hot baths, eating healthy foods, and get plenty of rest. These consistent efforts will help you become your best self and embody your power for the world. Healing of the self leads to humanity, nature, Mother Earth, and the universe.
  • Live Consciously, Intentionally, and Mindfully – Living in a Zen manner requires you to live consciously. Through awareness, you can reconnect with the true self to develop an inner state to balance with nature. There are different ways to live consciously including mindful awareness, breathing deeply, responding instead of reacting, using mindful consumption, and other forms of mindfulness.
  • Practice Ceremonies and Rituals – Ceremonies and rituals are a specific set of actions that are meant for a desired outcome. Humans have practiced rituals for all of recorded history in order to connect with gods and goddesses, to celebrate love, to call down rain, and celebrate life. A ritual can be something traditional or something you design. Look for ways to add rituals in your life to invite in Zen and peace. As you practice your rituals, set an intention, and invite in tranquility and peace.
  • Spiritual Retreat for Connecting with Your Tribe – Buddhists often practice sangha which translates to “bring together.” This is a community of family and friends that practices spiritual growth together in some way, like a spiritual retreat.

Spiritual work begins inward, but should not be practiced totally alone. Spend time with a tribe as you also build up one another. We are all connected and can work toward Zen together.