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Power Manifestation

People are intrigued by energies and different life paths. Everyone wants to know which way to go in their life and they want to go places that will give them a happy life. Even before a person is born, they are beginning to manifest their reality and even though life acts on different levels, we become one with it and we need to embrace it. Realm of the Spirit The realm of the spirit is where you...[Read More]

Secrets to Tapping into Your Claircognizance

The seventh chakra holds the power of claircognizance. This crown chakra is the gateway to the ability we are born with. The word claircognizance comes from the French word for clear and the word conoissance meaning knowledge. Put plainly, it means clear knowing. Violet in color, the crown chakra assists in our sense of spirituality and knowing. It offers the opportunity to know things even withou...[Read More]

The Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

Psychic and medium are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. You can be a psychic without being a medium, but not the other way around. Someone with psychic abilities does not have the same abilities as a medium necessarily. Recognizing the differences between these two entities can help when you are seeking out a professional for help or can even help in ...[Read More]

Attracting the Love of Your Life

You have been waiting your whole life for what you are dreaming for and your soulmate has not shown up yet. There are some steps that you can take to attract your soulmate: Be Clear When you want to use the Law of Attraction, the universe will want to know what you want.  They will find something that will be a perfect match for you and will raise your vibrational frequency.  If you don’t know wha...[Read More]

Four Easy Steps to Improve Your Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is all about the results that are created when you properly use your intentions and intuition. What do you perceive your life to be? How you can change your perception so it works in your favor? It’s the little things in your life that create your reality. Shifting your thoughts and intentions can turn your energy and your life around, which deeply and profoundly transforms you. Her...[Read More]

Psychic Bingeing

If you have ever had a single question that has weighed heavily on your mind, you may have contacted a psychic. Perhaps you did not get as much as you needed and called another psychic or two and received different answers. This can cause great doubt about any one of the readings. This type of psychic bingeing is confusing and a pathway to total disaster. It is concerning when a person contacts a ...[Read More]

Are You an Empath?

If someone knows what is going on around them, chances are they are an empath.  These types of people see the world differently and are very emotional.  They are aware of what is going on around them and what other people need. Being an empath isn’t just emotions it can be physical pain too that is caused by someone else’s intentions.  If an empath picks up the experience of those around them, it ...[Read More]

Past Life Issues

Past lives can influence current day happenings in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Once the presence is recognized it can be minimized to some degree. The trick is to determine if the issues are for this life or past ones. This can be considered in light of the shared ideas. Soul Families and Groups A soul group or family is one that will repeat many lifetimes together, learning lessons and ev...[Read More]

Are you experiencing psychic dreams?

We have all had dreams that seem odd from our everyday lives.  At times you might dream that someone is dead when you wake up you receive the exact news that the person died. This is something that we always find hard dealing with. We find it hard to comprehend whether these dreams are simply a coincidence or a copy of us turning into the psychic world to say our final goodbyes. I spoke to friends...[Read More]

Psychics: Truthful or Frauds?

It can be hard to process the stunning talents that psychics possess.  Intuition is something that is seldom discussed within families.  Children aren’t given the words to explain mystical phenomena and the tools to develop a healthy curiosity.  Thus, people grow up to become both intrigued and skeptical about people that claim to be psychic since the public doesn’t understand what a legitimate in...[Read More]

Do you have blocked chakras?

All day, every day, we have an energy force moving around and through us.  The center of this focus are the 7 Chakras. The Chakras of our body are the center of our focus. Strong, harmonious Chakras are necessary to have inner strength. Blocked chakras slow down our inner strength. Background The idea of the chakra comes to us from the Hindu tradition from India. It is part of the tantric traditio...[Read More]

Past life reading and psychic reading are very different and this is the reason why

You can experience healing with past life reading since it takes you on a journey of your past lives. There is a difference between encountering a past life regression and having a clairvoyant reading. Our specialists guide you to remember your past life memories but don’t engage you through the phone. What we do is help you in a memory correlating and processing them to your current life. This pr...[Read More]

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