Clearing Your Chakras and Energy

Clearing Your Chakras and Energy

Do you feel that you are no longer energetic, and your emotions feel out of control? If this is the case, chances are that your chakras are blocked or unbalanced. No matter rather you believe it or not, the chakras are part of the ancient world and they used them to understand the energy in the body.

The chakras are the part of the energy center located in the body and it is how the energy flows. This runs from the spine up to the top of the head and all through the body.

Signs the Chakra is Blocked

1st Chakra: If this chakra is blocked you will feel that you are not able to survive and you are worried too much. You are not able to get grounded and you can do things to try to get there.

2nd Chakra: This chakra is the sacral chakra and if blocked it will make you feel that you don’t belong. You will have no sexual desires and you will not be creative.

3rd Chakra: This is the chakra that holds your power and makes you love yourself and have confidence. When you feel your emotions are out of control, the chakra might be blocked.

4th Chakra: This is where the heart chakra is, and it controls your love and compassion. When you cannot forgive, your chakra might be blocked.

5th Chakra: This chakra is where you feel that you are accepted and where you don’t judge others.

6th Chakra: The third eye chakra helps you to reach your intuition and can help you to have visions and dreams.

7th Chakra: The crown chakra is where you reach your higher power and connect to your higher self.

Getting the Chakra Energy Balanced

When your energy is stuck or unbalanced it can affect your life. Here are some ways to fix this:

Root Chakra

  • Element: Earth element.
  • Eating: Eat red foods.
  • Wear: Red clothing
  • Mantras: IAM

Sacral Chakra

  • Element: Water element.
  • Eating: Eat orange foods.
  • Wear: Wear orange clothing.
  • Mantras: VAM

Solar Plexus

  • Element: Air element.
  • Eating: Green foods.
  • Wear: Green clothing.
  • Mantras: YAM

Throat Chakra

  • Element: Ether element.
  • Eating: Blue foods.
  • Wear: Blue clothing.
  • Mantras:

Third Eye

  • Element: Light element.
  • Eating: Indigo foods.
  • Wear: Indigo colors.
  • Mantras: SHAM

Crown Chakra

  • Element: All elements.
  • Eating: Any foods that are healthy.
  • Wear: Violet colored clothing.
  • Mantras: OM