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What to Do When You Have Karmic and Cosmic Ties?

People are usually familiar with karma, but most people do not really realize that karma has to do with cause and effect. The things that people do in their lives will cause there to be something else that happens as they incarnate and reincarnate. They might even meet new people along their journey from many different lifetimes until they reach their highest self. Doing good things and being kind...[Read More]

Signs Your Pet is in Their Afterlife

Do you have a pet that is dying or that is sick and you have people that always say to you things like, “You took perfect care of them,” or “You loved your pet so much and do not forget that.” Maybe all that you want is a sign from your pet that they are okay and that they are living a good afterlife. Do you wonder how you will move through your loss?  You are allowed to have feelings and to show ...[Read More]

Lightworkers and Depression

Depression is a current hot topic. It seems everyone knows someone who is or has been depressed and are not afraid to admit it is an issue in their own lives. It was once so taboo that it is wonderful things are so openly discussed now. As it becomes a safe topic, those things we once felt weird are now realized as common. Some see depression as soul loss. This can be inherited through birth or in...[Read More]

Opening Up Your Clairvoyant Gifts

A person that can see beyond what their eyes can see and into the spiritual realm are called clairvoyants. They get information from the spiritual world or from their guides. This is a gift that takes a lot of responsibility. Clairvoyance is a psychic gift that many people have, and everyone can be open to get and give messages. They have to learn to open their third eye so that they can see beyon...[Read More]

How Long Will An Awakening Last?

People often ask how long a spiritual awakening will last and the truth is that it will last as long as it takes for you to reach your highest consciousness level. This is not set time, and everyone is different. Each person will get to this place when it is there time and there are no real rules. How we develop our mind and how we learn lessons will help to decide when the awakening will happen a...[Read More]

Grounding Techniques

For so many people, the world feels large, frightening, and difficult. This feeling causes then to shrink into protective little bubbles as a way of self-protection. This feeling of being without purpose and meaning is what it means to be ungrounded or untethered. For those that live years or lifetimes in this way, but the good news is there are many grounding techniques that can help us focus on ...[Read More]

Universe Warning Signs

Many believe that we live in a dog eat dog society where we are all alone and have to fight for ourselves and defend who we are, where we have no support or guidance. On the other hand, others believe that we are not alone and that we are all connected through the universe. Many believe we have guidance and that we have spiritual guides, angels, spirit animals and ancestors that are there to help ...[Read More]

Increasing Your Clairsentience

Some people with psychic gifts can pick up the emotions and feelings of others easily. This can come in the form of a feeling or as intuition. This can be extremely true if you are very sensitive and you learn to tune into your guides. When you use your senses to get emotions and feelings, you can receive guidance from your spirit guides, and you can have clear feelings of your intuition and the m...[Read More]

Your Child Might be an Empath

Children that are empathetic have a hard time dealing with their senses and the sensory overload that they experience because they are more sensitive than other people in the world. Most people have a hard time understanding the child empath and when you want to help an empath child to grow, you need to know what kind of guidance to give them. The generation of empaths will come over and over agai...[Read More]

5 Ways the Universe Could Be Signaling You

There are a lot of ways to go in life and sometimes it is hard to figure out which way is the right way. It can be a big decision. There are times when we want something so much that we become confused as to whether it will ever actually come to be. We can begin to wonder if it is the right thing at all. How do you know? How can you be sure you are on the right path? The universe has ways to show ...[Read More]

Power Manifestation

People are intrigued by energies and different life paths. Everyone wants to know which way to go in their life and they want to go places that will give them a happy life. Even before a person is born, they are beginning to manifest their reality and even though life acts on different levels, we become one with it and we need to embrace it. Realm of the Spirit The realm of the spirit is where you...[Read More]

Secrets to Tapping into Your Claircognizance

The seventh chakra holds the power of claircognizance. This crown chakra is the gateway to the ability we are born with. The word claircognizance comes from the French word for clear and the word conoissance meaning knowledge. Put plainly, it means clear knowing. Violet in color, the crown chakra assists in our sense of spirituality and knowing. It offers the opportunity to know things even withou...[Read More]