When Love Breaks You

When Love Breaks You

When you expect someone to take care of you and they take advantage of you instead, it can break your heart. Maybe this is someone that you trusted with your story and someone that told you that you were too good to experience pain and heartbreak.

Maybe you have told this person about who you were and what feelings you were having and how you wanted to have love. But then if you were wrong about who you were sharing your feelings with then chances are that you experienced another loss of giving your heart to someone shady.

Hurting You

When you meet someone and you trust them, when they promise to never hurt you, these are people you think that you can depend on. But when they come along and they cause your emotions to be out of control and they hurt you, they will often feel that they are better and that they never loved you anyways.

When there is love, people are equal. They don’t put someone else above the relationship, but they choose to be with you and to take care of you. If you don’t have that, it can hurt and it can cause you to feel cheated out of love.

What Do They Want?

It is hard to figure out what someone wants that mistreats you. When you think that they love you, but they do terrible things to you, you will end up broken and hurt. Don’t let someone come along that is going to not be able to love you or someone that loves someone else more than they love you.


Allow yourself to be healed. Admit the problems that you had and the mistakes that you have made and choose not to make them again. Learn to believe in your life and in the respect that you deserve.

You cannot force love to come to you.  Once you experience real love, you will see that your heart can be healed and that you can make good choices in love.

Toxic Relationship

Being in a toxic relationship can be hard. It can be someone that wants to control you and hurt you. If you have went through this, stand up for yourself. Live your life to the best that you can so that you don’t end up destroyed.

The hurt that you have faced is something you never deserved, and you don’t need a partner to fix you. You just need to have love for yourself and to care about what you need and want. You need to love you and that will fix everything.