Past life reading and past life regression

Past life reading and past life regression

A past life regression reading is very different from a usual psychic reading.

The psychic will guide you as go through your past life memories.

Going through these memories and processing them and relating them to your life is an active process. You will participate in your own soul journey.

The regression session

Sessions can last as long as three hours. The first part of the season is an interview, very similar to a regular counseling session. Your advisor will ask why you feel the need for a regression reading.  They will ask about your current life, the history of your family and the events of your childhood. The first part of the session will not only give the psychic information it will actually serve as a warm-up for your memory.

The second part of the session will be the regression reading. Generally speaking, you will relax and close your eyes as you are guided. this journey through your inner life can take from 60-90 minutes.  It is not uncommon to explore put to three separate life times in this journey.

Your psychic guide will leave some time at the end of the session so that you can discuss your experience.You may feel disoriented or drained, so please take advantage of this extra time.

Mind in transition

The hypnosis used in the life regression is a kind of directed awareness.  For this to be successful, you need to focus on your inner self so that you can fully transition into your past memories . You will be guided towards this inward concentration and focus on your breathing to relax. You may not feel hypnotized, just every relaxed.  You can then focus on a reflection that may lead to the discovery of your reasons for the regression.

Sometimes you may uncover painful memories and past trauma, possibly due to a death.  This kind of trauma may still be hurting you in this life.  When you uncover this memory, you can let it go and you will feel uplifted when you are not pulled down by your past.  You will probably have a strong memory of what transpired and you will gain some understanding about your current life.

Each session is unique

Everyone’s session is different. Accessing your past is up to you and your soul. For a successful reading you should be open and accepting to change and information. Don’t get discouraged if you do not open a past life memory.  You may have gained insights into your current situation.   Remember that you are on a healing journey and that sometimes takes many steps