Candle Flames, Smoke, and Divination

Candle Flames, Smoke, and Divination

Divination is a type of magic that involves candles. Divination does not depend on color. Instead of wax candles, you could even use oil candles for the ritual.

The smoke and the flame are the two main components of candle divination. When it comes to divination, the flame itself is the most important element of the candle. You should focus on whether the flame is strong, weak, leaping, or curving.

These attributes are indicators of the power of your prayers and manifestations and can indicate “yes” or “no” answers:

  • A strong flame signifies a positive “yes” answer to your prayer or question. It also can indicate that your manifestations are working well and have an abundant power flow. A strong flame may also express abundance and a bountiful harvest. This is the optimal time to conduct angel magick rituals and focus on positive thoughts. Of course, you can do those things at any time. But when the candle flame is strong, it likely will not be necessary to repeat your ritual to achieve the results you desire.
  • A weak flame is commonly interpreted as a negative answer. But it could also mean that your desires aren’t receiving a full concentration or power, and you may have to repeat the ritual to accomplish the desired outcome. If you regularly view weak flames when working on a certain issue, consider taking a break from it. You may not be fully committed to the particular result. Or it’s possible that energies more powerful than you are attempting to influence the outcome or to preserve the status quo. Weak flames can also indicate that your desires will manifest slowly, so be patient.
  • A leaping flame literally jumps up and down on the candle wick. It indicates that there’s too much energy or emotion involved in the situation, so it’s inadvisable to conduct your angel magick ritual at that particular time. In divination, a leaping flame can also indicate that the situation is too turbulent to discern the outcome with any accuracy.

The energy of a leaping flame is approximately twice that of a strong flame, so it can be a quite powerful time to perform the ritual. The added energy will allow you to effectively achieve desired manifestations. Keep in mind that a leaping flame can potentially indicate that it’s an unpredictable time to hold ceremonies, like an all-or-nothing gamble. You’ll either succeed beyond your highest expectations, or your desire’s manifestation will be completely blocked.

  • When the flame curves, it’s letting you know that there are other people attempting to influence your manifestations. When you desire a certain outcome, it’s very seldom the same outcome the other person is seeking. In effect, you’ll end up with two half results instead of one complete result. Make certain that you’ve energetically cleansed and routinely dressed your candles if the curving flame appears often. Performing your ritual allows the angels to try to help.

Attributes of the Smoke

As soon as you light your candle, take note of the color of the smoke. White smoke is a signal that your prayer will be answered. There may be some delays, though, to align the answer with Divine timing. You’ll understand in retrospect after the prayer is answered, why the delays occurred. Black smoke is an indicator that negative energies are being extracted from the circumstance you’re praying about.

Along with the smoke’s color, also take note of its direction. Smoke drifting towards you is an acknowledgment from the angels that your prayers are being heard and will be answered. If the smoke is drifting away from you, then you’ll need to focus, pray, and labor to achieve your desired outcome. Smoke that drifts away from you can also be an indicator that an alternate outcome would definitely be more favorable for you.

Smoke blowing to your left indicates that you’re being led to disengage from the outcome in case your wishes, prayers, and preferred answers don’t line up with the angels’ magick. So ask for help instead, and trust that it will come in a way that will surpass your desires. When the smoke blows to your right, further thought and more ideas are required to transform your desires into reality.