When Your Angels Warn You of Danger

Your Angels Warn You of Danger

Do you ever wonder what your guardian angels are doing and how they are keeping you safe? Sometimes they will send you premonitions in your dreams or there are other ways that your guardian angel can send you signs to keep you safe.

Your guardian angels will be there to send you signs of comfort or of danger. They are made to come to you and to help you to live a safe and prosperous life.

If you are trying to make a decision and this could be a bad decision that changes your life, your angels might nudge you to make a better choice. Pay attention to the signs they are giving you so that your choices are wise.

Why Do They Warn You?

The angels have power to help you to know when you are about to get into harms way. When they see you going down the wrong path, or if they see you heading into danger, they will come and try to help you make better choices. Learn to pay attention to the warning signs they are giving you.

Your angels will give you different messages in order to get your attention because they want you to be safe. Sometimes they will be subtle in the ways that they send you warnings but sometimes the signs will be more seen.

Different Signs from Your Angels

Here are some of the signs you might hear or see that will get your attention from your angels:


One common sign from your angels is hearing voices. The voices will help you to make good decisions and will be there if you are about to make a bad decision.

If you hear voices saying things like:

  • Is that a good choice?
  • What will that person think of that?
  • Will this help you?
  • Will this hurt you?

These voices are there to help you to stop and think about the decision that you are about to make. Pay attention and think if you need to stop or if you need to think about what you are doing.

Maybe you are out late at night and you are about to go down a dark alley to get home and suddenly you hear a voice that makes you feel like you should go a different way. Trust that voice and know that it can be a sign from your angels that could save your life.


People that are involved in big things often feel sick before they do them. This can happen to stir you in a different direction. Some people will be sick before going on a big trip or before doing other things and the next day, something might happen like the plane might crash or there might be a big accident on the freeway. This would have ended badly for you if you had not listened.

There are other stories of people that were supposed to go to work on a certain day that a disaster happened, but they woke up sick and didn’t go.

These are more signs that your angels are giving you so that you do not walk into that situation and get harmed.

Technical Problems

An angel can give you a sign through a technical failure. This can happen so that you will be late to where you are going. It could be your computer crashes, or your car breaks down. It might cause you to miss an appointment or to take longer than you hoped.

Some people have these things happen to them because the angels are trying to stop you from getting into a bad situation.

Strong Intuition

The same feeling of your intuition can help to give you a sign. Maybe once again you are walking home in the dark and you feel something inside of you telling you to go a different way. This can be chill bumps or your hair on your neck standing up. Maybe you even get a sick feeling in your stomach. This is a sign to tell you bad things are going to happen and to get you to go a different direction.

These feelings are there to warn you and keep you safe.


Sometimes people have dreams that are premonition dreams. These dreams can save your life and can stop you from going into a disaster.

If you have had this happen to you, take a step back and listen to what your angels are showing you. Your dreams are times where your guides often contact you because your mind is quiet during sleep.

Being Delayed

Maybe you missed your bus or your train or maybe your flight even ended up being cancelled. You angels can cause these things to get you to slow down.

Sometimes these things can cause you to be frustrated but know that the change in your life is for the better and you need to be thankful that your angels are showing you to slow down and be better.

Losing Stuff

If you wake up and you are late and you cannot find your keys, this can be that your angels have hidden you. They might be stopping you from getting into danger. Allow yourself to find your keys and to be late and don’t be upset about it.

This can be a time your angels are trying to stop bad things form coming to you.

People Warnings

Your angels might have someone come to you that is a friend, family or even a stranger to give you advice on your situation. You need to listen to what they say to you because this could be words from your angels.

Looking for Signs

Here are ways that you can look for signs from your angels:

Guardian Angel Connection

Ask your guardian angel to connect with you. Ask them to show you the signs that they have for you. If you need to, ask a psychic to help you do this.

Pay Attention

Listen to what your gut feeling is telling you. If you feel uncomfortable about something, it could be because your angels are trying to give you a sign. Pay attention and go in the right direction that your guides are showing you.

You will have many signs throughout your lifetime, and this means that your angels are there to help take care of you and to keep you safe. Do not feel that this is to hurt you or to make your life harder but know that they are there to love you, support you and keep you safe.