Ways to Develop Your Psychic Senses

Develop Your Psychic Senses

Everyone is born with psychic giftings and they can develop these gifts in order to have stronger connection with the spirit world. Psychic abilities are given to everyone but not everyone knows or understands their gifts. Some people have abilities that they do not develop because they might not even know that they exist.

There are different exercises that a person can do to increase their psychic gifting. Just like doing physical exercises, psychic exercises can help people to increase their gifts. If you want to increase your gift such as your precognition, then you have to learn to increase the knowledge of your sixth sense.

There are some people that have more than one psychic gift and if you aren’t sure what gifts you have, make sure that you study yourself and your gifts so that you can know what gifts to increase and what gifts need extra work.


One of the best ways that you can increase your giftings is by meditating. This can help you to keep your mind clear and to help your mind and your body to be stronger.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate and people always do it different. Some people will repeat mantras, and some sit a certain way while others meditate other ways.

When you want to practice meditation, you can become aware of what is happening in your life and you can learn to keep your emotions in check. This can help you to develop your psychic gifts and who you are inside.


Another way you can grow is by trusting your intuition and developing it. Your intuition will guide you in decisions that you are going to make. Your intuition is part of your sixth sense and when it is developed, it can help you to make decisions without being afraid.

Learn to recognize your inner voice and to trust yourself more.


Some people have spontaneous telepathy. This means that they can know what someone is thinking without asking them. They are able to recognize this voice as the sixth sense.

Once you learn to recognize this voice, you can increase your giftings and develop your telepathy.


Learn to be more empathic towards people. You need to know that people go through hard things and you need to be more compassionate. Once you are able to learn to be more empathic with people, you will be able to communicate with them better.

You might get to the point where you are able to see people’s auras or to feel their thoughts or their emotions. This means you are developing this gift.


You can learn to develop your inner voice by spending time saying things over and over again. Once you hear another voice, you can learn to decipher between your own voice and your inner voice.


Take time to read the histories of different objects and people. Once you do this, you can start to concentrate more on items around you. Learn to trust your first impression when you are trying this practice.

Make sure that you know about the object and who it belongs to so that you can ask them if you are right about your impressions of the object.

This can increase your psychic abilities and help you to keep up with your progress.

Hide and Seek

Have someone that you know to hide objects around your home or area. Then use your gifts to help you find the object.

Make sure that you do not know where the object is but then concentrate on the object and see if you can use your gifts to find it.


Rather you are just finding out about your psychic giftings or if you are tuned into your gifts, these are exercises that you can do to sharpen your abilities and to help you to grow in your gifts.

Play fun games and learn to increase your psychic potential. Developing this gift is a gift from the universe and can give you joy in your life.