Past life reading and psychic reading are very different and this is the reason why

Past life reading and psychic reading are very different and this is the reason why

You can experience healing with past life reading since it takes you on a journey of your past lives.

There is a difference between encountering a past life regression and having a clairvoyant reading. Our specialists guide you to remember your past life memories but don’t engage you through the phone.

What we do is help you in a memory correlating and processing them to your current life. This process is not passive but active. Yu is the one who is actively involved in the regression while our specialists’ work is just to guide you through them.

Our main objective at Psychic Elements is to make you gain both direct and personal experience of your own self as a person who is on a mission to heal.

Regression Session

These are three hours’ sessions. The first hour is allocated for interviews which is just the same as a counseling session. Our specialist will inquire from you the reason why you want to experience regression and what you would like to achieve through the regression. A lot of questions will be asked about your current life to help you remember your past life.

During the second hour, you’ll be taken through your regression. Regression happens when you relax and close your eyes so as to pay attention to your inner life experience. It lasts for 60 to 90 minutes or even longer as required. Often a client encounters more than three separate lifetimes during a session of a past life regression.

Time is left after your regression for a reason for which the reason is to discuss your encounter. There is a chance you’ll be at peace after regression. You might feel exhausted or tired. Our specialists will make sure you have time to regain.

Transient State of Mind

A type of directed awareness is Hypnosis. Focus on your inner-self if you want to encounter a past life regression. By doing so you’ll be able to access these past life memories. Hypnosis is used to put you in an easy transient state of mind.

Other times our specialists may play slow and cool music in the background as you focus on your inner-self. They will need you to pay attention to the rhymes. During this time, you’ll be required to pay attention to both emotional and physical feelings.

You may then pay attention to that feeling that has always wanted you to do regression.  There is a chance something might have been discovered during the interview.  There are some past memories that might be of happy and joyful times. These kinds of memories help us appreciate our current situation and relationships.

Important memories exposed

When having a past life session, the memories that come up are always those of traumatizing life events such as death. There is an impact that these past trauma events cause in our present lives. By exposing the past painful events, we tend to be pained. Therefore. We can just let go of the past and move on without fear. We have now been relieved. That is our work now. To heal disturbed souls. We help you overcome obstacles and enjoy the fruits of this process. Healing can occur immediately or with time.

After your regression, you’ll now be able to have solid memories of your encounters and with time good understandings will be evident.

The only way to know if you can process a past life memory is to just try it. There are many people who usually go for a second session after having a past reading.

Unique session memories

There is no session that’s the same to the other. Having access to a person’s past life has nothing to do with the number of books you have read but has to do with one’s soul’s readiness. At times a person might be unable to access a past life memory. If this happens know that you can still experience change when interacting with our psychics. This too can impact your life and a learning journey for healing.