How to find a real psychic and not just a scam

How to find a real psychic and not just a scam

There are times in our life when we are so down-and-out that we think we need a miracle. Or when we have reached the end of our rope and all we want is to know “WHY is this happening?”

These are the times when we might start to seek a psychic, or a medium, or a spiritual advisor.  When we feel very vulnerable, we’re open to new experiences like these.

In fact, a lot of the advisors that call themselves psychics are SCAM, so it’s awful when people are seeking answers, they call scam advisors for help, and they end up wasting their money and being taken advantage of.

Word Of Mouth is the best way to find a real psychic

You might feel embarrassed to ask, but if you do, you will probably find that a lot of people have actually asked for professional psychics’ advice than you’d think, and they’re more than willing to refer you to them. This is why a real psychics don’t need to advertise; the experiences they bring their clients are more than enough to be worth telling others about.

If you simply cannot inquire about a psychic or medium, no worries too. You can use online resources, including a list of the most well-known psychics along with links to their personal websites.

Avoid SCAM psychics

A real psychic will provide you with answers that won’t scare or frighten you, or promise you more than one session. Some psychics will frighten you by predicting something bad will happen to you in the future or to someone you love, then offer to reverse the “energy” with “spells” for more money.

A real psychic will offer both good and bad news. They will give you an honest reading that doesn’t sound like a movie or a fairy tale. They will give you answers they get, and won’t mind if you test them afterwards with a few questions.

A real psychic won’t mind if you terminate the session in the middle of it. They won’t reveal any secrets or information like deaths, accidents or anything of that nature during a reading.

Pagan shops

Check with your local Pagan shop, they’ll probably be give you some names, and warn you away from advisors with a bad reputation.

Ask them to recommend the best psychic medium and don’t forget to specify which type of reading you are looking for whether  mediumship or intuitive. If there are more than one shop in your area, go to the most reputable.

Be specific

Knowing what reading you are looking for is very important when seeking a psychic, because not all psychics provide the same services. Some psychics are mediums who connect you with your loved passed away ones. Others are offer different types of readings, such as a mediumship/intuitive readings.

Prices doesn’t always guarantee good psychic readings

Pricy readings don’t always guarantee that a psychic is genuine and give accurate readings. There are other many factors to help you find the best psychic medium, such as experience, gift, study and training, and ethics.

Avoid SCAM

It is difficult to report psychic scams and get your money back. It’s really up to you to determine the legitimacy of a psychic medium before plunking down your money. It’s not enough to visit the website, you also need to ask for referrals or request the answer to a test question, for instance: ask about your city of birth or your maiden name. If the answer wasn’t satisfying, don’t schedule a reading. There are plenty of psychics to check out.

Beware of fraud psychic medium who asks many questions. She may seem calm and knowledgeable, but actually she seeks answers to your own questions!

Famous psychics

You can conduct a simple online research to determine who are the most well known or famous psychics out there, but if you can’t afford them, or if they have a very long waiting list and you can’t wait, then check their websites to see if they list other trusted readers, and believe me, they will never sacrifice their reputation by listing scam psychics.

Most of telephone mediums are unemployed persons!

Many scam psychics are hired by psychic service companies as telephone mediums to work with clients by phone rather than in person.

They are housewives, unemployed actors, and college students who have no paranormal skills and need a part-time income. They give readings through a telephone session by asking the client many questions and providing generic answers to the client’s questions.