Secrets to Tapping into Your Claircognizance

Secrets to Tapping into Your Claircognizance

The seventh chakra holds the power of claircognizance. This crown chakra is the gateway to the ability we are born with. The word claircognizance comes from the French word for clear and the word conoissance meaning knowledge. Put plainly, it means clear knowing. Violet in color, the crown chakra assists in our sense of spirituality and knowing. It offers the opportunity to know things even without a logical connection. This is the seat of claircognizance ability. Knowing this, we can explore the gift together.

Take time to see the vibrant chakra spinning with life force in a clockwise direction. Think of it as alive and doing well and over time you will feel it within your being. You may be able to feel it right away, so take note of the accompanying sensations. Tune into the chakra and be present with it for a moment. This is the higher self telling us we can fully open up to the gift.

Recognizing Claircognizance

If your gift is mainly claircognizance, then you are likely to have certain phrases that are naturally in your vocabulary. Things like “I knew you were going to say that” or “I just knew she would do well” are typical. When the words “I know or I knew” are common in your speaking then you are mainly claircognizant. While it is common to have more than one clair ability, how you speak will often point to the specific gifts. As you learn and grow, you can discern more which ability is strongest.

Claircognizance or Personal Thoughts

Claircognizance is not the same as a thought. There is a way to tell the difference as explained below.

  • As the left, logical brain gets to work, your conscious mind and thoughts are one and the same.
  • When you are receiving clear knowing from the crown chakra, the all-knowing consciousness is working. You become an active observer, but are not creating the information in the logical part of the brain.
  • To build claircognizance you need to focus on seeing yourself as separated from what is coming in and resist interpretation. Observe and look outside yourself. The messages that are inspired from outside ourselves, spontaneous, often have little to do with the moment we are in and those are claircognizance.

Claircognizance information comes at a high vibrational frequency that transcends ego. Being fearful or doubtful will sabotage this ability to connect at higher levels. While it may take time to understand claircognizance messages, it can be done with patience.

Claircognizance Presentation

Claircognizance messages can come in many ways. Some are inspired ideas or dreams. Some come as automatic writing, drawings, or through playing music. Most often, they come during meditation or during psychic readings. They present:

  • As a gut feeling that you sense without understanding how, but you are consciously aware of the message.
  • Unconsciously in the depth of creating as an artist, speaker, or author.

You may find you receive messages in various ways and that is fine. You are experiencing it and recognize it because it will feel like it comes from a higher consciousness. You may then feel compelled to explore it further or take action. Try practicing with the following:

Consider a message that may have tried to present in the past few days. Let the memory come in without searching, just let it happen. Did someone call who you knew would even though you had not heard from them or something happen that you knew about ahead of time with no information? As you consider this sense of knowing, decide whether it was conscious or unconscious in nature. Consider similar experiences. This is the way you personally receive.

Exercise to Open Claircognizance

  1. Find a space to sit and relax that is quiet, like you are preparing for meditation.
  2. Take and release several deep breathes slowly. Remember, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Keep going until you are quiet and serene, then bring your attention to your mind and the thoughts there. For a minute, mentally list each thought as it comes and see if you can trace where they arise from and where they go. If this happens without you having to call on a thought, without any effort, take note. Then return to deep breathing.
  3. Still meditating, come from a place of seeing or sensing that your thinking has come from a place of its own accord and that you can access all information in the universe. Knowing this, you can expand what your brain allows into its awareness.
  4. Now, with eyes open, write in a journal about tomorrow and your awareness of it. Do not try to focus on any one thing with your eyes, but let your mind wonder. Take four breathes slowly and with each exhale, send an intention to access information about tomorrow. Now be still and note what is in your mind and write down all that comes, pictures, thoughts, and fragments. Continue this for a few minutes and write these down. Focus on the stuff that was not already set for tomorrow.
  5. Complete the writing and return to this again at least one more time during the day.

At the end of tomorrow, go back to your notes and pay attention to what actually happened or was significant in what you noted. Highlight the things that came to fruition in some way as significant. Doing this with regularity will train the mind to be more open to the infinite wisdom that exists.

Daydreams for Claircognizance

Take a day to pay attention to the daydreams you have as you go about your day. Intuitive growth can be enhanced by daydreams. The information in a daydream can be relevant guidance in life. This is because daydreams happen when the conscious mind lets go for a few minutes, often when engaged in a project that requires focus over time.

Set the intention in the morning to do this and be aware of the subject matter of daydreams. Take notes about the daydream when it is complete. Then see if there is relevance for your life or life in general.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a simple and easy way to develop claircognizance abilities. Try the following:

  • Ask the universe some question you wish to have an answer for in life.
  • Say the question out loud.
  • Write down what comes to you without judgment. Just write it or draw it as it comes.
  • Practice this three times on three sheets of paper.

You may find some information wrong or that it does not make sense. Simply be an observer and realize the information is still meaningful and helpful. Keep moving forward to hone the gift.