Lightworkers and Depression

Lightworkers and Depression

Depression is a current hot topic. It seems everyone knows someone who is or has been depressed and are not afraid to admit it is an issue in their own lives. It was once so taboo that it is wonderful things are so openly discussed now. As it becomes a safe topic, those things we once felt weird are now realized as common.

Some see depression as soul loss. This can be inherited through birth or inherited by being born into a family with soul loss and take it on. You can even lose pieces of your soul from a trauma or horrible event. At times, the soul wears down due to life and time until little is left. This all leads to depression.

Depression is not something that disappears quickly. It is a feeling of dread of life, despair, and a heaviness that does not let up. It is as if something came and sucked the joy out of your life leaving you with no hope or motivation. You may feel as if you have nothing to live for. It may feel as if you are surrounded by a darkness or greyness that leaves you not wanting to face the day. You will likely feel that you have no energy leaving you heavy and slowed down. It is a black hole that drains everything until there is nothing left. Most people will not take the final step of taking their lives, but some do. This proves how real depression is in so many lives. If you have ever felt it, you know it is not a mood swing that lasts a day or two then lifts, but something that is all consuming for weeks, months, or years. Some people go through life never knowing anything different than depression. It is important to know this because most lightworkers have suffered from depression at some point.

This is why we also need to understand soul revival and doing inner work. This starts with a daily spiritual practice that keeps life balanced. It really does take work to be a lightworker. Being a lightworker is not a choice, you either are or are not. Most caregivers are lightworkers and when we don’t work with our light and the light from source then we drift away and become depressed. Lightworkers are afraid to be seen, heard, and be themselves. When the world wears you down, it is likely because you are living afraid. You are hiding your magic from the world and yourself, giving power away to other people, places, and things because you think they are more important. You may also think you are not enough or do not deserve happiness, a break, or total relaxation. If this sounds like you or you can relate then this all makes sense.

Not everyone is a lightworker and those who are not may not understand you. This does not make you less important or less of a person, just that you have to work harder to stay balanced. Lightworkers are high maintenance by design. Try the following exercise to understand and then find your balance once again.

Imagine you have beautiful wings, but they have been clipped and tied back because you are fearful others may see them. Now take a deep breath and relax and tell yourself it is okay to allow them to stretch out for a moment or two. This may take some convincing, but it will be worth it. As you start to relax, imagine the wings peek out and that you fully relax, your spine straightening a bit. As your energy shifts to the positive, imagine the wings unfold more. Pay attention to the type of wings you have as they unfold. Shake them out and feel your body relax. Let them unfold as much as possible. This is how you are supposed to be in full glory.

You have the option to tuck them back in or not. It depends on how you feel, but they need to be let out and stretched on occasion to feel better. If the exercise is a struggle, keep trying over time until it gets easier. Remember, you are not alone. You may have more work to stay in the light, but once there, the rewards are more than you can imagine.