Psychic Bingeing

Psychic Bingeing

If you have ever had a single question that has weighed heavily on your mind, you may have contacted a psychic. Perhaps you did not get as much as you needed and called another psychic or two and received different answers. This can cause great doubt about any one of the readings. This type of psychic bingeing is confusing and a pathway to total disaster.

It is concerning when a person contacts a psychic with a question that has been asked of several other psychics because the readings may not be the same. There are several reasons a person may contact a psychic with the same question that has been asked of another, but the most common is that they have not received the answer they desire. This is shopping for answers and is never a good thing. We may not receive the answers we want because they will not be good for us or could be untrue, but they are the answers. Sometimes, people just want to feel heard, which is understandable as well. By consulting multiple psychics with a variety of styles for reading, a person can become obsessed or even dependent leading down a reckless road that can be financially straining.

If you are contacting the same psychic repeatedly with the same question and they are allowing it, it may be time to ask why. If the topic has already been covered in a reading, it is unlikely that new information will be added through multiple readings.

It is recommended that you choose two, at the most three, psychics to trust and work with over time. You may have one psychic that focuses on work issues with a separate one for relationship readings. This could be based on their personal approaches. This is better than shopping around at random because you are the one cheated out of proper guidance.

If you are not getting the answers that you desire, remember they may be the answers you need for your good. Listen to the truth you are told and move forward. Before requesting a reading, be honest with yourself about both what you want to hear and what you are willing to hear because if you will only accept one answer, then a psychic reading is pointless. Wait until you are more open to a reading and then bravely request one with a reputable psychic.