Signs Your Pet is in Their Afterlife

Signs Your Pet is in Their Afterlife

Do you have a pet that is dying or that is sick and you have people that always say to you things like, “You took perfect care of them,” or “You loved your pet so much and do not forget that.” Maybe all that you want is a sign from your pet that they are okay and that they are living a good afterlife.

Do you wonder how you will move through your loss?  You are allowed to have feelings and to show you have pain because you are not the only person that is feeling this. Expressing your feelings can help you to move forward and to move on. There are times that you will look around and see signs from your pet.

Remember, you are strong. Even if you are grieving, that does not make you week. You will learn to appreciate your pet and the part and time that they had in your life. Look at the world the way your pet did, and you will see they are closer to you than you imagined.


  • Nails ticking on the floor or the collar jingling.
  • The clicking sound of your pet’s tail wagging.
  • The sound of the nails hitting the hardwood floor.
  • Cries or barks.
  • A song that reminds you of your pet.


  • The feeling of the pet rubbing against your leg.
  • A change in the temperature out of nowhere.
  • A warm spot on the couch where they used to sit.
  • A good memory that makes you feel happy.


  • Look up at the clouds and see if you see an image of your pets.
  • Do you see a rainbow? This could be your pet saying hi.


  • Do you ever have dreams about your pet? This could be your pet saying hello.


  • Birds can show you are free and if you see a lot of birds that are different like Red Robins or Blue Jays, this could be a sign.
  • Dragonflies or butterflies can help you to embrace change.
  • An animal that you aren’t used to seeing always passing by you.
  • The pets in your home acting different or playing like they are playing with another animal.


  • Does the clock say repeating numbers such as 3:33 or 11:11? These numbers are spirit numbers.
  • Other numbers such as the anniversary of the time you got your pet.
  • License plates that remind you of your pet.


  • Movement out of the corner of your eyes.
  • Something falling down like a picture of you and your pet.


  • The smell of your pet out of nowhere.
  • The smell of them when nothing of theirs is close to you such as litter.

More Signs

  • You see flowers growing out of season.
  • You have an electrical feeling when you walk by a place your pet used to frequent.
  • Finding of a feather or a coin.
  • See the name of your pet in strange places.
  • See a heart shape from your pet.
  • A number calling that you do not know.
  • Reminders of your pet such as toys, teeth, whiskers or more.

These are some signs that can le you know that your pet is close to you even after they passed on. Your pet will want you to have peace and happiness so pay attention to these signs so you can find your peace.