Personality Traits for the Astrological Metal Sign

Personality Traits for the Astrological Metal Sign

In Chinese astrology your personality and luck are both determined by your element, based on a 12-year cycle and your zodiac sign. One of the signs is metal which will be described below as related to common personality traits. To begin with, the metal sign is associated with some lucky properties. If you are under the metal sign, you are more likely to have luck in the season of autumn and associated with the colors of gold, white, and silver. For those under the metal element, yin and yang are lungs and large intestines respectively. These individuals often most enjoy spicy foods. Furthermore, the direction of luck is west with lucky numbers being both 4 and 9. Those under the metal sign have birth years ending in either a 0 or a 1.

As with most forms of astrology, metal has stronger compatibility with certain zodiac elements over others. The five elements in the Chinese zodiac include metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. For those under the metal element, they are more likely to have a strong presence in life and have a single-minded purpose when pursuing any goal. Metal signs are described as ambitious with unwavering confidence. Many have been described as having inner strength of steel that will stop at nothing once something has been placed in their sights or gained their attention. Those under the metal element are willing to meet challenges head on not allowing obstacles to stand in their way. However, in overcoming these obstacles, they may use ruthless measures and methods to reach the goal. Along these same lines, the metal sign individuals are often inflexible and extraordinarily stubborn. They like to argue and will not back down from a fight. This unforgiving, demanding nature can be overwhelming, but they are unlikely to ever accept defeat.

The metal sign can apply to all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac, meaning twelve in total. Everyone belongs to one of these animal signs and the 12-year cycle that is based on the birth year. The animal signs include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. For the most part, metal elements call into the monkey or rooster category based on birth year.

The elemental interactions are like life cycles, one feeding or fueling the next. The five elements generate an interaction that are titled fueling, forming, containing, carrying, and feeding. This is better explained by putting them in order…

  • Wood fuels fire
  • Then fire forms earth through volcanoes and ash
  • The earth contains metal
  • Once extracted, the metal carries water through pipes and buckets
  • This water feeds wood through trees and plants.

All are compatible and necessary for the others. Due to the cycle, earth and water are the elements most compatible with metal. Since the water element tends to attract wealth and money, when water and metal pair up, a great partnership is formed. Since metal is created by the earth, it is dependent on earth to stay grounded. Earth provides security for metals, so a metal man will value the opinions of an earth woman highly.

By contrast, fire and metal clash because fire will dominate metal and metal is too stubborn to be manipulated and controlled. This pairing will fight and never see eye to eye. Wood, which can be carved by metal has a resentful relationship. Though metal can create something from wood, it can also easily destroy it. Metals tend to be highly critical of the wood element. All elements can work together, but not all will work well together.