How to Know if Someone is Highly Intuitive

Highly Intuitive

Having a voice inside of you that is talking to you can help you to make decisions that are good for you. When you are aware of this voice, you let your conscious mind help you and you allow your intuition, or your sixth sense to come through.

Your sixth sense if a gut feeling that you will have that will let you gather information without really having a way. Who gets the most out of your intuition?

What Intuition Is

Intuition is a feeling that you have that you cannot explain. It is being able to know someone without really ever meeting them or talking to them. This is a path that you take in life that will help you to know the truth about people and places.

The idea of intuition is something that is beyond your spiritual being. This is something that everyone has but others are just more tuned into it than some.

In different cultures, intuition is part of the soul and the emotions that someone has but in science, it is the way that your mind processes things.

It is hard to know exactly what intuition is when thinking of the mind, but you have to know that the information between your conscious and unconscious mind works together so that you can get information that will help you to be rational.

Secrets of Intuition

People are very complex, and their minds work all over the place. People have a way that their intuition works so that they can work through things in their life.

Our intuition is something that is based on instincts and it works with our brains to help us know what to do and this is an analytical part that is controlled by the left brain.

Some people believe that intuition is a way that we get answers to life’s questions and we act out our instincts.


Some scientists do not believe that there is evidence of intuition while others believe that it is easy to prove. There are different tests that are run on the brain and based on speed, lights, emotions and pictures, the results showed that positive images allowed them to react in a certain way and be positive in their choices.

People also consciously looked at pictures and felt negatively without being able to explain it and made different choices.

The way that people process information and are able to understand it is where the idea of intuitive people came from. These people trust themselves and what they are feeling.


People that are intuitive are usually more empathic than others. They are loving and compassionate and they understand the thoughts and feelings of others. They are able to process the feelings and read a person’s tone.

Being an empath is a way that you can communicate with others and use your skills to bond and help others.

Gut Feelings

People that are highly intuitive listen to their gut feeling. They often feel a certain way without any knowledge of why, but they learn to listen to the voice and make better decisions.

If people are able to use this gift, why do they not listen to the voice? Some people feel that this is not full of evidence and therefore they feel that they are not confident enough to listen to these feelings.

Alone Time

A person that is highly intuitive needs to have some time by themselves. This time allows them to work through their feelings and to be aware of what is going on inside.

When they are alone, they look at their emotions and work through them and they distance themselves from social media and other things so that they can be more positive in life.

Live in the Now

People that are intuitive want to live in the now. They give up on being angry and things in their past life and they work to help others now. They allow their emotions to come and go as they do, and they are mindful.

People also know that negative feelings can control them so by living in the moment they can work through these things.


Some people deep think about things and when they have a feeling, they stop to think it over and to see if they are being alerted to something.

Having a strong sense can mean that they can make better decisions and be confident in the information they have.

Learning from Gut Feelings

Your intuition can help you to change and to go in the right path of life. It can help you to live the best life that you can live and the decisions you make.

Break Time

Take time to think things through before you act. When you feel uncomfortable and you need to, take time to think over what is going on in your mind. If you find you are still not comfortable with something, make the right decision.


Listen to what is going on inside of you and what your body is feeling. Pay attention to things like your emotions and your sleeping patterns.


Take time each day to mediate. Doing this can open up your intuition and help you to connect better with yourself. You will see your emotions and your desires and build on your gifts.

Meditating can help to stimulate your brain and help your brain to work better. Make an effort to be stronger and to work better in life.

Let go of things that make you insecure and learn to be free. Embrace yourself and be aware of what is going on in your life.


Nourish your brain and your life and take a step to listening to yourself more. Learn to trust who you are and what your intuition is telling you and you will see that you will go far on your journey.