Past Life Issues

Past Life Issues

Past lives can influence current day happenings in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Once the presence is recognized it can be minimized to some degree. The trick is to determine if the issues are for this life or past ones. This can be considered in light of the shared ideas.

Soul Families and Groups

A soul group or family is one that will repeat many lifetimes together, learning lessons and evolving as you each take on new roles each time. Each relationship holds a soul contract, some major, some minor, but all pieces to our puzzle.

One way to gain information about a past life is to tune into the Higher Self while sitting quietly. The Higher Self remains in Heaven as a guide, if you so choose to be guided. Ask the Higher Self to provide a name of someone you hold a soul contract with, as well as other information. You may have a sudden picture of someone, hear a name, or simply know who it is after you ask.

Some one you have just met and instantly feel as if you know or, on the other end, absolutely hate right away, is probably part of your soul group. For those who feel they have found their soul mate or twin flame, yet constant problems arise, it could be because they were a romantic partner in a past life. This does not mean that the current life connection is needed, as we need to focus on this lifetime.


We may have run across a person or two in our lives who have a gift or passion from a very early age. These are the instrument prodigies at age four type of people. They are responding to their personal soul purpose. If you are unsure what your purpose is then explore what interests you or you have been passionate about for a long time. This could lead you to your soul purpose.

Joy and Happiness

Souls are intuitively drawn to what makes us happy, even if we do not totally understand why it makes us happy. If you want further information on why something brings you pure joy, repeat the exercise about talking to your Higher Self that was already described. You joy could be found in almost anything.


If you have ever had a fantasy that stuck with you or even a dream about being someone else that seemed to repeat over time, these are probably glimpses into your past lives. To learn more about this type of dream or fantasy activity, join clubs, read books, or blogs and get informed to better understand both about past lives and your fantasy life interest.

Spiritual Homes

If you have ever visited a new place, area, or country that felt strangely familiar, it is probably your spiritual home. Even if you have never visited, but are obsessed with a particular area, it could be what you are linked to in the past.


There are some areas of life that we have no control over, but many that we do. If there are behavior patterns we do not like or cannot explain, they may be carryover from a previous life. This can create a block that needs cleared so you can enjoy your new life. Get in contact with your Higher Self to help clear this negative or hindering block. If you are struggling, contact a specialist or hypnotherapist to help you break the hold.