When Your Angels Warn You

Angels Warn You

Sometimes your angels will have you dream so that they can give you a message. You should always pay attention to what messages that your angels are trying to give you. Your guardian angels will want to warn you when you are about to face danger and they are there to help you and keep you safe.

If you are going to make a bad decision that can hurt your life, your angels might push you to go a different way. Pay attention to what they are trying to show you and don’t ignore their messages.

Feeling an Angel Message

Your angels are able to help you to avoid hurt and harm. They will try and guide you down the right path if you are swaying down the wrong way. If they see that you are going to be in danger, they will help you and keep you safe from hurt. Pay attention to what they are trying to tell you.

Angels will warn you and will try to get your attention because they want you to be safe. Even when things seem hard or frustrating, they are there.

Signs from Angels

Here are some angel signs that you might get to help you know that your angels are showing you something:

  • Angel Voices

Some people will hear voices in their head. If you are going to make a big decision, you might hear your angel trying to guide you. They might ask you things like, “Is this a good idea?” or “Will this bring you peace or harm?” If you hear those things, then you need to take time to listen to the voice and see if it is guiding you in the right direction.

These messages can even save your life such as telling you not to walk down a dark ally or to take a different road going home.

  • Warnings

People that often end up in terrifying events will tell people that they felt sick a few minutes before something happened. This can be an angel that is there to guide you and tell you not to do something. Do you ever go to do something and get sick out of nowhere? Some people have been saved from plane crashes because they listened to these warnings.

  • Electrical Failures

Another sign that your angel might be talking to you is if there is an electrical failure out of nowhere. This can be your phone not going off to wake you up or your alarm clock making you late. This can cause you to miss out on an accident or something else that could have ended badly.

  • Bad Feelings

Do you ever have a bad feeling when you are going to do something? This can be your intuition telling you not to do something. This could be goosebumps that you feel, a tightness in your throat or stomach or something else.

  • Dreams

Dreams are a big way that angels communicate with people that they care about. You might dream that something bad is going to happen when you go somewhere that you had plans on visiting. Because of the dream, you might feel worried and decide to listen and not go.

Since people are more open minded when they sleep, angels will often use dreams to give them messages.

  • Missing Something

Some people will miss things like their taxi, a train, or a plane. It could be something that is cancelled, or you might get into a situation that causes you not to get there on time. Even though this can be frustrating, it can be an angel that is causing this so that you don’t end up in a dangerous situation.

  • Losing Items

Maye when you are on your way out the door you realize that you have lost something important like your keys. You know that you had them in the same spot, but they are missing now. Take a minute to stop and think what your angel might be trying to tell you.

Listening for Angel Signs

Angel signs are there to help you and here are some ways that you can listen for them so that you don’t miss them:

  • Connect with your angel: One thing that you need to do is to ask your angel guide to come to you. They are there to keep you safe, but you should always ask them to come.
  • Pay attention: Pay attention to things that make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. If there are other choices that you can make, make those choices.

Final Thoughts

There are many times that your angels will reach out to you. Pay attention to these times and see what kind of messages that they are giving you to keep you safe and whole.