Opening Up Your Clairvoyant Gifts

Opening Up Your Clairvoyant Gifts

A person that can see beyond what their eyes can see and into the spiritual realm are called clairvoyants. They get information from the spiritual world or from their guides. This is a gift that takes a lot of responsibility.

Clairvoyance is a psychic gift that many people have, and everyone can be open to get and give messages. They have to learn to open their third eye so that they can see beyond the natural world.

Once you open your third eye, you can get guidance from your spiritual guides.


If you want to develop your clairvoyant gifts, you have to follow the basics. You have to embrace your intuition and learn to build on it.

If you have dreams, visions or have things happen that you do not understand, chances are you Rae going through a spiritual awakening. You must accept this and allow the information to come to you if you want to grow.

Some people do not understand spiritual gifts and they cannot receive them because you have to be open to it. If you are communicating with the spiritual world and you come to terms with your calling, you will be more accepting.


Each spiritual gift is different and can be interpreted differently. It does not mean that one gift is better than the other or that there are spiritual ranks, it just means people see things differently.

It is hard to understand the difference between mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, and other gifts and opening the third eye can help to open you up to the gifts.

Do not let someone make you feel bad that you do not have a gift that they have. You do not have to have the same skills as other people in order to have a gifting. Everyone is born with clairvoyant gifts but not everyone uses it.


People can have blockages that block their gifts and keep them closed. If you are older, you need to look back at your life and see why you have blockages.

Some children are gifted with spiritual gifts, but they lose it as they become older because of teaching or because they are afraid of being rejected.

If you have a child that sees ghosts or has feelings, find out what they are thinking and seeing and embrace their gifting.

If your child draws unique pictures, has visions or other things but they are afraid to talk about it, it is because they are afraid of being crazy or being called an outcast. They might stay silent about their gifts.

Fear is something that can cause you to have blockages in your spiritual life and even worry can affect you. If you have a gift that makes you worried about how you will look, learn to change these feelings. Let your life shine and do not be afraid.

If you are a parent of one of these children, you do not want your child to be afraid. If your child sees something, do not downplay it but find out what they are seeing so that you do not cause blockages in their life.


Fear is the biggest blockage that you can have in your life. Some people fear that they have things in their past life that will scare them and because they don’t understand their gifts, they have a hard time with them.

Maybe you have been through a traumatic experience in your past and it has caused you to be fearful today. You might be afraid that you will lose control when you communicate or that things you see are scary.

Once you get rid of fear, you can open your third eye and have the giftings that you want. Ask Michael the Archangel to help you.

Learn to clear your mind and your body of negative thoughts and emotions and release the fear inside of you.


Fear is not the only reason that you have blockages. You might have a problem opening your third eye because of what you eat, substance abuse or even your vibrations.

Anything that will lower your vibrations can cause you to lose your giftings or to have blockages. You can increase your giftings by using positive affirmations. Here are some you can say:

  • I am embracing my gifting.
  • It is safe for me to open my third eye.
  • I will remember my dreams.
  • I will see my visions.
  • I approve of who I am.

If you have problems saying those things, say them anyways. Let these things flow through you and get rid of the fear or doubt that is blocking you. Say them over and over until you have them in your heart.


You can ask your angel guides to help you. Archangel Michael is there to help you get rid of your fear and help you through your spiritual awakening.

Here are some other guides you can call on:


Raziel is an archangel that helps with mysterious and the universe.


Haniel can help you to increase your intuition and clairvoyant gifts.


Orion will teach you to be authoritative and will give you blessings.


Metatron will help to open up your third eye and help to get rid of fear and negativity.


Everyone is able to reach the spiritual realm and there is nothing wrong with you wanting that in your life. Everyone gets information differently and some will be clairvoyant while others are mediums, and so on.

You might feel that you have something special and you can ask your spirit guides to guide you and to direct you. You also have your angels there ready to help you when you call on them. Do not let fear get in your way and learn to embrace your gifts.