How to Spread Tarot Cards: Relationship Readings

Tarot card readings

Tarot card readings related to relationships and love are regularly done with the expectations of understanding the outcomes ahead amid the development of a relationship.

Below we have arranged a typical seven-card spread that has been adjusted for your relationship-themed Tarot card reading. You can carry out this reading pretty much anywhere with any tarot deck. if you utilize our guide below, share with us your findings in the comments section.

The most effective method to pose your queries and place cards for a 7-card, Tarot Relationship Reading:

Question and Tarot Card Position 1:

Who are you In the Relationship

Question: What is my role in the relationship?

The manner in which you see your effect on the general status of the relationship could possibly feel like a similar reality to your loved one. This card is about you. This card uncovers your effect on the relationship in general. This can be through your energy, words, activities, and many more. Do you bring a positive or negative impact into the relationship?

The case of Positive Outcome: Appearance of Hierophant – When you see this card in position 1, it very well may be seen as approval of your identity and what you are conveying to this relationship.

Question and Tarot Card Position 2:

The Significant Other

Question: Do my significant other and I (name of partner) see relationship at a similar stage?

Current understanding of your partner’s opinion and what sort of energy he or she is conveying to the relationship.

Question and Tarot Card Position 3:

Right now

Question: What is going on in our present relationship?

Pondering what the condition of your relationship is at this moment? Card three in your Relationship Tarot Reading can be understood with respect to how your relationship is right now.

Question and Tarot Card Position 4:

The Immediate Future

Question: Does my partner need to tie the knot?

It ought to be noticed that planned future occasions always have the likelihood to change. So this is the great tidings if your forecast looks doubtful. This card just reflects how things remain at the moment you go to the relationship tarot reading.

Question and Tarot Card Position 5:

The Core

Question: will my relationship last?

This is the core letting you know precisely what is happening in this relationship. This card will enforce or negate what you accept to be valid about the existence of your relationship.

Question and Tarot Card Position 6:

The Near Future

Question: What does the near future hold for me if I remain in this relationship?

Near future card, placement can’t be disregarded. Once more, future cards  can possibly change yet this tarot card reading will demonstrate to you what’s in store for you  over the next months

Question and Tarot Card Position 7:

The Long Road Ahead

Question: What are the foundations and defects of this relationship?

This card will offer knowledge to the overall yes or no inquiry that pushed you to have the reading done in first place. This can be conscious or subconscious or any combination of those.

That is all for now. enjoy the readings.