Increasing Your Clairsentience

Increasing Your Clairsentience

Some people with psychic gifts can pick up the emotions and feelings of others easily. This can come in the form of a feeling or as intuition. This can be extremely true if you are very sensitive and you learn to tune into your guides.

When you use your senses to get emotions and feelings, you can receive guidance from your spirit guides, and you can have clear feelings of your intuition and the messages it is trying to show you. Doing this can allow you to have signs and signals that will help you to handle the energy that comes to you.


When you need to get clairsentient guidance, you have to learn to relax. Doing this can get you comfortable and allow you to concentrate more. You need to be in a place that is quiet, dark, comfortable and cool. Doing this can help you to tune into what your senses are feeling and can help you to be more aware of your guides and what they are trying to tell you.

Some believe that burning incense or candles can help make the room more comfortable. Here are some tips to increasing your clairsentience:

  • Go into a quiet place.
  • Make sure you have a place to sit.
  • Deep breathe.
  • Relax your muscles.
  • Sit in a way that you are completely comfortable.
  • Do not be distracted.
  • Ask the spirit guides to come to you.
  • Call out to your angels and ask them to talk to you.
  • Imagine your angels in the room.
  • Notice what kind of feelings you are having.
  • Pay attention to your sensations.
  • See if the temperature of the room changes.
  • Think of the word love.
  • Ask the guides to help you have unconditional love.
  • Ask your guides to keep you safe and to make you feel loved.
  • Ask the angels whatever question that you have and expect the answer to be honest and real.
  • Keep breathing deeply. Do not hold your breath or it can block your communication.
  • Notice if you have any changes in what you feel in your body.
  • Focus on what you are asking and have a mind opened and speak the truth.
  • See if your emotions change when you get the answer you are looking for.


When we are sure we are getting information from a spirit guides, we will know that our body can change. We can have an increased heart rate, stomach butterflies, tight muscles, sweaty hands and palms and other feelings.

This happens and this is because of your increased feelings and your allowing the guidance to come. Here are some things that might happen:

  • Your feet might get cold.
  • Concentrate with your mouth and see if your muscles are tense.
  • Feelings of tension in your arms, legs and head.
  • Feeling your clothes on your skin.
  • Notice how you are sitting or standing.
  • Pick up something soft and see if you have any sensations when you rub it on yourself.
  • Try different objects with different pressures so you can increase your awareness.

Heart Chakra

Remember that your emotions and your clairsentient are based around the heart chakra. When you meditate on the heart chakra you can be more open to the clairsentience.

When you are fearful and you have different emotions, gaining power through your clairsentience might be harder even though it will give you a range of emotions that you feel. Try to make sure that these feelings are positive and not negative.