What It’s like to Date a Libra Woman

What It’s like to Date a Libra Woman

A Libra is someone that is not easy to be charmed and she is someone that is going to be affectionate and smart. This is someone that knows what is going on in the room and will know if you are real or fake. She has her planet as the Venus and is independent and will be romantic to you.

This is someone that might seem unbalanced, but she is the master of her life and when she wants something, she will get it. The Libra is always wanting something, and she will work on it so that she can get it and no one else can have it. If she doesn’t want to be with someone, she will not be interested in that relationship. A relationship is very important to this sign, but she has to find the right person.

Attracting a Libra

The Libra loves to be trapped into romance and she is very careful about how she looks and dresses. She knows what she wants, and she knows who she wants to notice her.

Complementing her about her tastes in things such as movies or music or how she looks will do something to her and will give her your attention.

A Libra loves to be part of the arts and she is very creative. She wants to see that you are creative too and she will listen as you share your feelings with her. She will notice you if you are trying to be prideful and take all of the center of attention and she will not like that.

Whatever you talk to her about, show her how interested you are and show yourself to be creative.

Dating a Libra

If you want to take a Libra on a date, do not take her to somewhere loud and crowded. She likes to be in places where she is the center of attention and she doesn’t like to feel claustrophobic or be around people that are loud or wild.

She will love going to a museum or walking through nature. She will love theater and will love dinner at someplace nice with champagne and candles. You will get extra points for how fancy you are.

Talking to a Libra

The Libra is active in her mind and she loves intelligent things. Find things to talk to about with her and she will love to have a discussion.

She is an Air sign which means she is emotional, and she loves to debate things. She believes in what she is saying and what is fair. If you are having a hard time being close to her, this can mean you will not fit with her.

What Turns Her On?

The Libra is a hard worker, and she loves to be praised. She feels that she deserves people to notice how hard she works, and she will work on a project until she gets it done.

Be positive with her and be your real self. She will love that you can engage in discussions with her and she will think you are sexy if you take your time to get to know her. Recognize the things that she has done.

What Turns Her Off?

Air signs love things, and they hate injustice. They think that people should have a fair chance and she has a goal to make sure that people are treated good. If you disagree on her about things such as justice, then she will most likely not want to go on another date with you.

She will debate with you and she has good wits, but she hates the spotlight and hates people noticing her, sometimes. If you cause her drama, she will leave you and find someone else.


Find out if you are compatible with the Libra before you even choose to date her. Make sure that you know what she likes and what she wants in life before you pursue this idea.