Four Easy Steps to Improve Your Psychic Energy

Four Easy Steps to Improve Your Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is all about the results that are created when you properly use your intentions and intuition. What do you perceive your life to be? How you can change your perception so it works in your favor?

It’s the little things in your life that create your reality. Shifting your thoughts and intentions can turn your energy and your life around, which deeply and profoundly transforms you.

Here are four ways to help you improve your own psychic energy.

The Power of You

Your thoughts govern how you feel, and the way you feel radiates like a broadcast signal. Your inner voice is among the most powerful generators of your reality. A negative inner voice drains positive psychic energy. So, take some time for self-reflection. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • When you make mistakes, do you put yourself down?
  • How do you behave toward yourself inside your head?
  • Do you consider yourself unlovable?
  • Do you have negative thought patterns?

If your answer to any of those questions was “yes,” you have a negative inner voice. Take some time to turn it into one that’s more positive and supportive. To do this, identify your negative thoughts and replace them with unconditional support and love. Become your best friend. Better yet, become your “spirit guide.” Tune your inner voice into your higher self, a higher consciousness, or whichever deity or sacred entity that works best for you. What should you say to this guide about you? Transform yourself into the love that you are. Watch your life change for the better through supporting yourself!

Recharge Your Psychic Batteries

It’s easy to let the chaos of your life drain your energy. Technology makes it especially easy to plug in and tune out. But technology is also especially effective at depleting positive psychic energy.

To reclaim your psychic space, make a conscious effort to get outside and experience the natural world. This offers the opportunity to reflect and to enter a realm of mindfulness. Experiencing nature helps you live in the moment and transform your energy, which shifts you back into control of your psychic power.

Develop Grounding Rituals

It only takes a few moments to focus your psychic energy. It’s stunning how even the littlest things can have a positive impact and lift your mood. And continually sending out positive intentions reinforces your energy vibration. So, transforming your energy can occur even in the tasks of daily living.

For example, a warm bath can cleanse not only your physical body but also your psychic energy. A good, long soak can restore you psychically. When you drain the bathtub, visualize all of your negative energy draining away with the water.

Lighting candles can also become a grounding ritual. Simply rub scented oil on a candle, or trace an affirming word, such as “trust” or “love,” on its side with a fingertip. Then, light the candle and visualize trust and love flooding your physical space.

Conserve Your Energy

You have a limited allowance of psychic energy, so you should use it in the most effective way. It wouldn’t take long for you to discover how much psychic energy you waste each day by feeling envy, anger, or regret; rehashing the past; focusing on things that are going wrong, and obsessing over things over which you have no control. Think about what could happen if you instead spent that time focusing on things that could benefit you. For example, if you’ve been spending psychic energy revisiting a past career disappointment, pull and focus instead on developing a new skill or nurturing a new idea.

The process of transforming your psychic energy is all about you and discerning what will work best for you. Feel free to adapt or combine any of the tips listed above.