The Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

The Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

Psychic and medium are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. You can be a psychic without being a medium, but not the other way around. Someone with psychic abilities does not have the same abilities as a medium necessarily. Recognizing the differences between these two entities can help when you are seeking out a professional for help or can even help in identifying your own abilities. Since this distinction is so important, this article focuses on those differences.


Generally speaking, a psychic is someone who uses intuition or a higher power to receive messages. A psychic may also pick up on the energy of individuals whether past or present. Psychics often use items when giving a reading. These may include runes, tarot cards, or even crystals depending on their preference. Some may not use any tools at all. These tools, when used, can allow for clearer messages to be received. Psychics will hone in on their clients and receive, then relay relevant information. This information often relates to the person’s life, future developments, or current circumstances. A psychic provides information that would fall into the categories of advice, guidance, or simply perspective depending on the psychic, the reading, and the client (or sitter).


Unlike psychics, all mediums are also psychic. However, to be considered a medium, you must be able to communicate with the dead by some means. True mediums are able to make a connection with spirits when they o a reading for someone. They are further able to communicate with that spirit in relation to things that surround the person getting the reading. By doing such things, mediums can often receive specific messages that offer comfort or closure to clients. Through the connection to the living clients, to the deceased person, family, friends, or even guardians, the reader can dampen the fear of death. This can also be beneficial to the grieving process.

What is a Psychic Medium?

Based on the experience of most mediums, the connection with the dead is utilize through psychic abilities. This means that mediums are inherently psychic in order to have this insight. The role of a psychic medium then becomes twofold as someone that can offer guidance and advice as well as provide information that needs to be shared by the person who is deceased. This can offer great comfort, meaning, and much relief to those who are sitting for a reading. A psychic medium attempts to help those getting a reading to find a path in life that will lead to healing from grief or other wounds that may be metaphysical in nature.

Those individuals who are searching for information about the future or even current, personal life events, will most often seek out a psychic. This is unless they believe that the spirit of a dead loved one can be a resource in the matter. You must always remember that if a reading is given that a medium may connect with a spirit that is unexpected. Keep expectations in check when seeking out a medium.