Understanding Karmic Debt and Paying it Back

Understanding Karmic Debt and Paying it Back

Karmic debt is one thing that comes up often in astrology, numerology, and other things. Karma is something that refers to the actions that happen after you do something. Karmic debt has to do with things in the previous life. This is part of reincarnation beliefs and carrying on the past things and memories that people do in their past lives.

When you look at numerology, karmic debt is the karma that you carry into your life that you have picked up from other lifetimes that you have lived. This is negative things that you have done. This doesn’t just come from what you have done but can come from attitudes or negative feelings. You can clear karmic debt by clearing out your Akashic records and become more positive.

Once you understand your karmic debt, figuring out how to get rid of it can lead you to a positive life and better feelings.

Karmic Debt

People that don’t understand other religions might not understand karma at all. According to eastern religions, karma is a Buddhist and Hinduism situation that people believe that the past actions that they take will cause them to have karmic lessons and it can cause positive or negative things in reincarnation.

When someone is reincarnated, they bring back their past karma with them into their new life. No matter if it is good or bad karma, it will come to you through both positive and negative actions. This can be something that many people suffer through.

Karmic debt can depend on what actions you have done and what decisions that you have made in your life. This can be good or bad karma and it goes as deep as just a feeling. Here are some of the actions that might have caused bad karma in your life:

  • Abusing someone.
  • Not listening to authority.
  • Murdering or killing someone.
  • Being unfaithful to someone in your past.
  • Not forgiving.

Karmic debt can happen by different actions, and it can come to you today, but this is the spiritual consequences that you carry with you into your lifetime. These can be bad patterns that you do over and over again and other negative things.

People that say that those who forget their past will have to repeat it often forget that reincarnation deals with their past life. This life cycle can be hard to pay off depending on how many past lives a person has had. Getting rid of negative karma can help someone move forward.

The easiest way to find out if you have karmic debt is through numerology. You can figure out your karmic debt number and it will show you how to clear the debt.

Even if you don’t get rid of your karmic debt all together now, you can work towards clearing it and making your next lifetime easier.

People that haven’t been reincarnated much or enlightened often carry more karmic debt and it can lead to different consequences.

Signs You Have Karmic Debt

Here are some things that might happen if you have karmic debt:

  • Numerology will respond with a karmic debt number.
  • You have negative patterns that keep coming back such as bad relationships.
  • You serve others and help them to try to get rid of your own debt without knowing it.
  • You always end up in broken relationships.
  • You deal with consequences in your life that you don’t understand.

Understanding karmic debt is not always easy and if you have karmic debt its not the end of the world. We have gone throughout history dealing with things such as negative emotions, greed, past violence and more and maybe you weren’t a good person, but you can change that and clear out your karma.

Knowing Your Karma Through Numerology

The best way to figure out your karmic debt number is through numerology. Here is how:

  • Personality number
  • Soul Urge Number
  • Birth Date Number
  • Life Path Number
  • Expression Number

The four karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19 and if your numerology is in with any of these numbers then you are carrying karmic debt.

What Karmic Debt Numbers Mean

Karmic debt numbers have different impacts in your life and different impacts on how you act and behave.

Four Karmic Debt Numbers and Meanings

Here are the four karmic debt numbers and their meanings:


This is the drive. People that have the 13 in their karmic debt numbers are often leaders, but their karmic debt makes them lazy and often leads them to depression. This can cause you to have no focus and not to be able to be successful.

Because you want to be successful, if you have 13 as your karmic debt you will get discouraged at your job easily and things never seem to work out.

Instead of focusing on your debt, you have to learn to focus on your goals and be more effective. Learn to be thankful so that you can shift to success.


The fourteen in karmic debt is someone that is guilty of hedonism in the past. This is the karmic debt that will lead you to things such as drug abuse or bad sexual relationships. People with this debt often overeat and over react.

The drive of this person will cause them to self-medicate and will cause them to go through traumas and instability. People with the 14 will often have mood swings and mental illness.

To battle this, you have to focus on changing and finding ways to care for yourself. Learn to discipline yourself to do better.

Use self-control and find out a way to prevent problems and move forward.


The 16 in karmic debt is part of your ego. You have to have an awakening to get over this. You will need to have a life changing event. This karmic debt is part of the actions that you have had, and it can cause your life to be very hard.

Some people with this are ambitious but they will pay for being arrogant. They will have to tear down the cycles of their life and get over the past.

Even though this is a hard karmic debt number you can change and be more positive by reaching your enlightenment.


The 19 in karmic debt are people that have been selfish. They get stuck in their debts and they abandon and use others. They are prideful and stubborn, and they have to learn to have an overwhelming drive-in order to get past this karma.

What to Do Now?

Once you understand your karmic debt you can work on moving forward and paying it back.

If you have the 19 as your karmic debt, then you have to stop pushing people away and become more helpful. You need to connect with people on an emotional basis and learn to help and love others.

Once you know your karmic debt, you can be more willing to be who you are meant to be and get rid of destructive patterns in your life.

Personal Numerology

Karmic debt is tied to your numerology, and you can recognize your karmic debt by knowing your specific numerology.

Akashic Records

Another way to know your karmic debt is to access your Akashic Records. You can do this by finding your soul imprint. Here are ways to access it:

  • Universal Mind
  • The Hall of Records
  • The Book of Life

You can see this through many different cultures and through karmic debt. The records hold the key to your past and can help you to know things that you have done in your past life.

Every time you reincarnate you go into a new life. This will depend on your karmic debt and what you have done in your past life.

Get a reading for your Akashic records and you can learn more about who you were and why you accumulated so much debt. Learn to look inside of yourself and find out the problems that you have had over your lifetime.

You can not access everything in your Akashic Records, but you can get the knowledge of the things that might cause your problems in the now.

But as you learn a little here and there you will understand your life better and you will see that you can move forward in your life.

Clearing Karmic Debt

Once you know your karmic debt then you know that the world is not ending. There are ways that you can pay back your karmic debt.

Here is how to pay back your karmic debt:

  • Look at your life struggles and figure out which ones you are carrying with you. Learn to turn bad relationships into good things.
  • Be responsible for the mistakes that you make. Accept that you mess up and that you have delt with problems in the past.
  • Get out of toxic relationships and find ways to develop your mind and your emotions.
  • Do things that are positive and take positive actions in your life. By doing this you can reverse your karmic debt and move forward.
  • Look at what your weaknesses are and work on them. Do shadow work to find out what you are lacking in.
  • Connect with a psychic so that you can get rid of karmic debt and figure out what you need to do so that you can have a better life.

Your karmic debt will often revolve around the problems that you face and the things that you lack in. Learn to experience your karmic debt from your past life so that you can become a positive person and get rid of this debt. Learn to love others and to become part of humanity.

Paying off Karmic Debt

Most people struggle with karmic debt, but you can clear it completely. Here are some things that you can do to clear your karmic debt:

  • Become religious and find out how to improve your spirituality.
  • Look at coincidences in your life and make sure you are on the right path with the universe.
  • Be forgiving and loving to others.
  • Do not let negativity enter your life. Do not let situations take you over.
  • Be drawn to serving others. Volunteer your time and take care of people that are in need.
  • Do not let death fear you. Running away from death is a negative thing and you need to learn to embrace it.

Repaying karmic debt will make your next life much better.

Karmic Debt Everyday

Even if you don’t know that you have karmic debt, most people carry some without realizing it. This can be from your past life.

Knowing and understanding your karmic debt can help you to be able to repay it and help you to be able to move forward in your life. Figure out ways to get over patterns and to deal with the karmic debt that you have accumulated over time.