37 Ways to Know if You are an Earth Angel

Know if You are an Earth Angel

Earth Angels are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body.  They have lived multiple lifetimes and typically are angels of the 7th and 9th dimensions.  They have chosen this life to lower their vibrations to experience human life to serve humanity and the earth, assist souls in profound spiritual growth, and promoting light, love, and peace throughout the earth.

They have come to Earth with a time to awaken their powers.  This time may coincide with events, and lessons needing to be learned to promotion Universal wisdom.  Although they have assumed human form, they still retain connections to their higher Angelic self.  All souls arise from the same Divine Source despite an array of paths a soul can take that shapes their traits, purposes, and personalities.  Earth Angels are special highly spiritually evolved beings that vibrate at such remarkable levels that act as lightworkers during their time on Earth.

What does it entail being an Earth Angel?

Earth Angels aren’t perfect or saint-like.  Like any member of humanity, an Earth Angel will make mistakes, face obstacles, and feel disappointed at times.  They have been called at the soul level to serve others, spread kindness, be compassionate, and make a tangible difference on Earth by transforming the light and love of higher spiritual realms into physical reality.

37 common Earth Angel traits

  1. Feeling different from other humans, but unbothered by it
  2. Equally happy being alone or around others
  3. Considered a loner as a child
  4. Loves being quick to offer ideas or solutions to people
  5. Excellent support system to almost everyone they encounter
  6. Constantly looking for more effective solutions to a problem
  7. Have an innate sense of knowing what their actions is the right solution. Asking or receiving help can be confusing for them.
  8. Experiencing insecurity in some relationships due to knowing when someone is holding back or acting counterintuitively. They can struggle to understand why not everyone acts like they do.
  9. Inspiring people with a sense of grace and positivity with little effort
  10. Easily accepts all people, even those that peoples can struggle to tolerate
  11. Finds silver linings in all situations and people
  12. Thinks in terms of potential or possibility.
  13. Gifting in matters of the heart, especially when it comes to writing, art, music and healing.
  14. People seek them out to purge fears or trauma
  15. Struggles with time management, duties, and limits
  16. May have childhood diagnoses of cognitive disorders due to not caring about material things.
  17. Disturbed by people in pain and possess an urge to provide comfort to any being that is suffering. They can be sought out by people with victim mentality.
  18. Feels lost when dealing with extreme anger or avoids conflict, since they only want to experience happiness and love.
  19. Concerned with how their energy impacts others and constantly checks in with people around them. They can notice people move away when they get near the Earth Angel due to the shift in energy causing them to address difficult thoughts or emotions in their life and causes them to feel very uncomfortable.
  20. Disturbed when loved ones feel disconnected to them.
  21. Uncomfortable with the physical body, especially feel, since angel struggle to stay grounded.
  22. Not motivated by money or wealth. They accept people as they are, not what they have.
  23. People often wonder if this person is daydreaming since they can easily tune out conversation or lack focus.
  24. Quick to offer help, even those that don’t explicitly ask, since they sense a need for aid before a person can even realize they are in trouble.
  25. Often offer alternative or big picture perspectives
  26. Uninterested in competition, since they want everyone to win.
  27. Acts in service to others without drawn attention to themselves.
  28. Sensitive to urban settings or modern hustle and bustle.
  29. Tendency to feel different or alienated from others. They may have been bullied as a child due to different interests or behaviors.
  30. Uses humor as a coping tool
  31. Avoids crowds due to getting easily overstimulated by high energy situations.
  32. Grew up feeling different than your family and may feel disconnects to them since the Earth Angel was sent to help a dysfunctional or emotionally distant family heal.
  33. Strangers are quick to confide in you.
  34. Appear younger than their physical age.
  35. History of addiction within your family.
  36. Possess a distinct life purpose, even if they struggle to know how to manifest it, other helping people on Earth learn how to gain knowledge and heal.
  37. Thrive in spreading love, compassion and guidance.