Are you experiencing psychic dreams?

Are you experiencing psychic dreams?

We have all had dreams that seem odd from our everyday lives.  At times you might dream that someone is dead when you wake up you receive the exact news that the person died. This is something that we always find hard dealing with. We find it hard to comprehend whether these dreams are simply a coincidence or a copy of us turning into the psychic world to say our final goodbyes.

I spoke to friends and families about these kinds of dreams and I came to realize that they are very common and some friends have also experienced such dreams.  I realized that as I grew older, I would dream about a person and wake up shortly after their passing. I then came to learn that these dreams had significance especially to days or weeks ahead.

However, how can you distinguish a normal dream from a psychic dream?

Examine your dream

Evaluating the dream content is the only way one can attest if a recent dream was a psychic one. That is, waking up and giving yourself time to ask basic questions that are related to the dream.

You can then take a closer look at the circumstances in which you had those dreams. You can write and keep your answers to the questions that you have so that you can be able to see patterns of when your dreams offer psychic guidance. You can also distinguish between normal and psychic dreams by writing down information about your dreams.

Put your dreams to test

In any case, you suspect that you have had a psychic dream, put the knowledge into a test. Ask questions that looked like they can be answered in your dream but do not manipulate the answers to fit your suspicions.

Ask a psychic

This is the only way you can confirm the truth behind your dreams. Ask a renowned psychic. Talk to the psychic about your suspicions and they’ll be able to tell you whether you’ve had a psychic dream. You will be free to discuss psychic dreams if you discover that you are having one and your mind will be at ease. A psychic specialist will guide you on how to deal with these dreams, teach you how to manage them and how to put the knowledge that you’ve been given from these dreams into practice.