9 Common Traits for Highly Spiritual People

Highly Spiritual People

To embrace your level of intuitiveness, you must first embrace this essential nature in you.  The more confidence you place in this inherent gift, the stronger your intuition. The more receptive you are to the concept you are already hearing advice, the more accurate the messages will become.  Pay attention to the list below and see which experiences have already happen to you, and what you can do to apply the messages in a more meaningful way in your life.

  1. Recurring patterns: Are you always seeing a hawk on your hikes?  Always pay attention the trends you encounter and how they may apply to this season of your life.
  2. Dreams: During sleep our subconscious takes starring stage. During this period of rest people can be the most creative and vulnerable.  This better manifest our goals in our life.  We don’t fully understand why we receive dreams, but it is important to pay attention to as many details as possible to understand the message being delivered.
  3. Visions: You can receive premotions which help you avoid potential hardship.
  4. Early morning awakenings: What can seem like a simple bathroom trip or sleep disturbance can actual be spirits trying to communicate with you.  Waking up frequently between 3AM and 4AM is the spirits alerting you to “connection time.”  Take a deep breath the next time you wake up suddenly during this time and become receptive to any messages you hear.
  5. Nightmares: They don’t just happen for children!  Children as most connected to the spirit world and commonly refer to imaginary friends or foes.  Deep sleep facilitates us entering Delta and Theta states, which can similar to those of children.  If spirits want to join, they may try to wake you up gently at first, but get more aggressive if feel ignored.
  6. Intense emotions: Your feelings can be hard for others to handle.  At times when we absorb sensations that aren’t ours, but someone else we know, we experience sharp pain.
  7. Voices: Some spiritual people hear voices suddenly in their mind.  Others sense answers pulsing in their heart.  It doesn’t matter how you get a message, the key things it you trust it and can apply it in all aspects of life.
  8. Feelings: You sense if a situation is good or bad.  You knew that your friend suffered a break up just by before you picked up the phone, and you knew that was your dream house the first time you walked inside.
  9. Pressure between the eyes: People with strong intuition feel pressure around their 3rd  The third eye is the receptor for spiritual messages.  Some people can even see another person’s aura and chakras just by their third eye.  The pressure will be more intense for clairvoyants.  It is then up to you how you share or process how you wish to receive your vision and when.