Power Manifestation

Power Manifestation

People are intrigued by energies and different life paths. Everyone wants to know which way to go in their life and they want to go places that will give them a happy life. Even before a person is born, they are beginning to manifest their reality and even though life acts on different levels, we become one with it and we need to embrace it.

Realm of the Spirit

The realm of the spirit is where you can meditate so that you can be relaxed and at peace.

Intellectual Mind

When we think in a positive way and get rid of negative thinking, we can have the power to boost our life.

Emotional Realm

Our emotions carry a lot of power and they can direct our energies to places to help us be motivated to get things that we want. If we want to help people because it brings us joy and happiness, this is part of the emotional level. You also might want to manifest money into your life and by connecting these feelings with the universe, you might get what you want.

Physical World

You need to take action to reach the dreams that you have. A dream is a fantasy until we take the initiative to make it a reality. We have to learn to manifest things so that we can get what we want.

Before we came to the earth, there were certain things happening in our lives. These things helped us to grow and helped us to have vibrations. We got to choose what sex we wanted to be, and we were given a chance to understand how our lives would act when we came to earth. We gained things in Karma and we become more responsible for the choices that we made.

The choices that we made happened each day and even if we have not resolved our karma, we have increased our energetic field, and this included the spiritual. Mental, emotional and physical realm of life.

If you decided to be a certain sex, you had to do this in the spirit before you became part of the earth. You might have different feelings and even if this happens, even in a deep level, you might want to be something different in life than you chose.

You lay out your ideas in the spirit and this will affect how your life will go and how your life will change and by using the power of manifestation, you can gain more things.

You have the choice to manifest things that you want in your life and this can help you to work towards your dreams.

You can make your dreams a reality if you take time to learn how to manifest things and how to call things into existence that you want to have.


Manifestation is a powerful thing and we can all embrace it or let it slip through our fingers. It is important that we learn to use this power that was given to us by the universe and to help it to make us better and stronger in our lives.