Psychics: Truthful or Frauds?

Psychics: Truthful or Frauds?

It can be hard to process the stunning talents that psychics possess.  Intuition is something that is seldom discussed within families.  Children aren’t given the words to explain mystical phenomena and the tools to develop a healthy curiosity.  Thus, people grow up to become both intrigued and skeptical about people that claim to be psychic since the public doesn’t understand what a legitimate intuitive does and does not do.

Psychic abilities are varied in methods to receive and communicate messages.  They are not predicting the future or reading one’s mind, but instead accessing a client’s energy field (i.e. aura or qi).  Skeptics often thing readings are only done a single way and lump all psychics into a single massive group.  This is like thinking every American is exactly the same; the beauty and wonder of diversity gets sorely overlooked.

Media Shaping Our Views on Psychics

In the past twenty years we have seen a rise of psychics depicted in television and movies.  Instead of being on the fringes society, people with intuitive abilities are written as ordinary people with extraordinary gifts.  This has been helpful to allow people to be more tolerant of spiritually minded individuals in their daily life.  However, viewers must remember that the arts need to keep butts in seats.  This can mean highlighting the more fanciful sides of mystical gifts. Real psychics don’t hunt demons like Winchester brothers on Supernatural or float like the Owens sisters in Practice Magic.  Instead, they are able to help you heal more efficiently with herbs or messages from the Council of Light.

Why Are So Many People Still Skeptical?

There are many reasons that people still might doubt the validity of psychics, like it might go against their religious beliefs.  The biggest hurdle occurs when a person had a bad experience with a reading, often because they were scammed by a fraud.  Other times clients may have seen someone who lacked sufficient training or had unrealistic expectations for a reading.  The best way to avoid being scammed or working with an inexperienced psychic is to get a recommendation either by a person or via online reviews.

Can A Psychic Help Me Win the Lottery?

Sadly, the answer is no.  Psychic rely on energy fields.  Winning numbers are selected by a random drawing – no energy is involved.  Not being able to read energy creates an impassible barrier for the intuitive to ascertain a winning ticket.

Are Psychics Real?

Yes! They are people that have worked hard to understand and develop their skills of intuition.  Although all people have varying abilities to work with the spirit realm they seldom understand how to work with these skills.  Consider a time when you visited a new place, but you felt like you have been there before.  This is your higher consciousness tapping into energy, perhaps from a previous life.  If you listen to these feelings and explore them with gentle curiosity you can learn valuable lessons to help you grow.