How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides

How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides

Do you want to hear from your spirit guides, and you do not know how? Have you ever gone to a psychic reading just so that you could share with them that you are unable to hear your guides talking to you?


Spirit guides are part of a different plane that we are on and that is why sometimes it is hard to contact them. These guides want to talk to you, and it is possible to talk to them, you just have to learn how.


You have to learn to listen to the small voice of your guides. You can do this in every conversation that you have. You have to learn to have quiet and to give up your phone and television time so that you can listen and hear your guides. Your guides are talking but you are just not hearing them.

Noise Pollution

We are always having noise pollution in our homes. It can be hard to get rid of this external noise in our life such as airplane traffic, traffic, people and more. It can be hard to create a place where you can hear what the spirit is trying to tell you, but it is worth the effort.

Supporting Your Guides

You can learn to support your guides and you can talk to them. They are always working to know you and to be close to you. They want to at all times to be close to you and to tell you things about your life. Your soul path is important to them and when you can learn to hear them and to listen to them, you will find peace in your life.

Old Soul

You can work with your guides anytime that you want. You can practice this through meditation and getting into a place where you will not be distracted. Go inside of your room and sit where no one is there and learn to listen.

Communicating with Your Guides

You can make your room relaxed and you can do this by lighting a candle or burning incense and make the atmosphere comfortable around you. Learn to darken the room so that you can relax.

Take time to rest your mind and clear it and meditate for a little while. Close your eyes and listen. Focus your attention on what is going on in the room around you. Take time to focus on your breathing and after a few minutes, ask your guides a question. This should be something that you really want to know.

It might take time for you to hear the voice but let the gentleness guide you. Recognize that you are being spoken to and see that you can have clear communication with your guides. Once you do this, respond to your guides, and thank them for coming to you.


If you are still having problems with hearing your guides, schedule a psychic reading so that you can learn more about what is holding you back from meeting your spirit guides.