Do Empaths Have Fun in Bed?

Do Empaths Have Fun in Bed?

Empaths are people that often put their needs away and please other people above themselves. Because of this, an empath is often vulnerable to getting their heart broken. Empaths are very sensitive people, and they can pick up on the emotions and feelings of those around them.

Since empaths are so emotional and in tune with those around them, they make good lovers. They know what their partners like and need and they are able to use their sexual relationships to make their partner happy.

What is an Empath

An empath is someone that has a special gift that allows them to be one with other people. They are able to absorb the energies of others and they are able to know what someone is thinking, feeling and what emotions they have. They absorb their feelings and often do not know if the feelings are theirs or someone else’s.

Sexual Empaths

A sexual empath is someone that is able to have intimate relationships with others. They are able to know what kind of interaction to make and to make love with someone because they can understand the energy that their partner is showing them. Sexual empaths are very intimate with their partners and want to have love in return. They are able to be the best thing that their partner wants.

Empaths and Relationships

An empath is someone that is very sensitive and most of them do not just agree to casual sex. They choose to be closer to people that they get intimate with because they become very attached easily and they do what they can to feel the feelings of their partner.

They try to guess what their partner is feeling when they are having sex and if they feel that their partner is being negative, they make sure that they change what they are doing and they choose something else.

Some empaths do not make good decisions when it comes to their partners because they move fast because they get attached very fast. They often miss red flags because they are too eager to please their partner and not to demand balance and love.

What Causes an Empath to Have Sexuality Changes?

There are some things that happen o an empath that causes them to change their sexuality ways such as:


An empath that has been abused will often have a hard time connecting with someone on a physical or even emotional level. They are afraid of having sex with someone because they are afraid that they will be abused. They are interested in sex, but they often have a hard time getting turned on because they are afraid of what might happen.

Any kind of abuse can affect an empath in a bad way. It can cause them to have sexual dysfunction or mental illness such as stress and depression.

Physical and Emotional Sensitivities

An empath will be very sensitive, and they will be hypersensitive. This means that they are taking their emotions and putting them on a different level. This can affect their intimacy with their partner.


Medical situations can cause dysfunction in sexual relationships in an empath. It can affect how aroused they become, and it can be due to things such as:

  • Hormonal problems.
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Medication they are taking

Being with a Narcissist

Empaths often attach with narcissist because they are so willing to give of themselves. If an empath is with a narcissist, they often have a hard time being in sexual relationships.

Psychological Problems

Empaths deal with a lot of emotions such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Work Stress
  • Sexual stress

Types of Sexuality in an Empath

An empath may feel that they have to give up all of their control when they are with someone sexually. They try to make other people whole and to heal them and they often forget that they need their own peace and harmony. They often have pain, and they are often submissive.

Casual Sexual Relationships

Most empaths are not for casual sex and do not have multiple partners. They may look for this if their self-esteem is low but since they get attached very easily, this is not a good relationship for them.

Benefits of Sexual Relationships

Sexual relationships where there is strong intimacy can be great for someone that is an empath. This is hard to get because they are very sensitive but if they find someone that will give as much as they take, this can be a great situation for them.

Indirect Sexuality

Watching things such as pornography and seeing other people have sex can help an empath to learn to live through their partners experiences.


When someone doesn’t have sexual relationships, they might need to abstain from sex and they often can become nuns or other religious beings.

Do They Make Good Lovers?

Empaths are great at making love because they want to make people happy. They have a hard time being intimate because they get scared. Negative emotions can ruin their relationship and they have to have strong boundaries.


An empath will know when someone is attracted to them because they feel the emotions of others. They will be able to tell what someone thinks of them.

Do They Love Differently?

An empath loves harder than most people, but they also need alone time so that they can recharge.

Do They Struggle?

Empaths do struggle with being in romantic relationships because of their strong emotions and feelings that come with it. They are very vulnerable.


Empaths are people that can be great in bed because they can read the feelings of others, but they often don’t make good partners because they become so attached.

They often leave relationships not being satisfied because they want to satisfy everyone else. This can affect their sexual relationships and make it hard for them to have real and true relationships in their lives.