Clean Your Aura Today

Clean Your Aura Today

Having a clean aura can improve the quality your life in countless ways.  One can feel more vibrant, grounded, and receptive to opportunities.  Auras, or energy fields are influenced by the energy exchanges with others, and if we are not careful, can become overburdened by other people’s emotionally and energetic baggage.  Consider the last time you were in a good mood, only for it to change suddenly after you engage with an anxious individual.  This is because you have taken on some of their negative energy and its being to tax your chakras.

Our auras can be comprised of our own unwanted thoughts or difficult emotions (such as negative self-speak, or focusing on our fears), as well as unprocessed feelings or low vibration substances.  Now consider how further overwhelmed your aura will become when you absorb other’s energies.  Outside energies greatly shift energetic balance, and create blockages in one or more charka points.  This will cause your physical body to feel tired, sad, anxious, ill, or “off.”

Thankfully, you can clear your aura through various cleansing methods.  When you rebalance your aura, you can expect to feel more alive, lighter, grounded and happier.  You will once again feel more like yourself.  Thankfully, you don’t need a paid specialist for this work.  Instead try some of these at home techniques.

  1. Light work: You can use real or visualized light to clean your energetic fields.  Sit or lie comfortably.  Use deep breathing to help your mind and body relax.  Picture white light filling your entire body.  See this white light purifying and restoring your body and essence from any negative or outside energy.  Enjoy this sensation for a minute or two.  Send this light beyond your body until it reached a food or two beyond your physical self.  Let this space be purified and restored and send any excess energy back to the universe.
  2. Spray bottle: Take a cup of spring water and a cleansing essential oil (lemon, juniper, or lime) and mix together in a spray bottle.  Shake it together to blend the elements, then spray it towards yourself from an arms-length.
  3. Crystals: These are great purifying tools.  Some particularly useful types include smoky quartz, obsidian, selenite, or black tourmaline.  You can choose to carry one on your person, place it on an alter or at the head of your bed, or you may wear it like jewelry.  For a more powerful experience, lie down and rest the crystal atop your third eye.  Breathe deeply, yet comfortably and visualize a white purifying light emanating from the crystal encapsulating your body.  You may also sweep the crystal through your energy field, head to toe maintaining the intention this spray will absorb any negative or outside energy and will release it to the Universe.  Remember to end by cleaning your crystals by soaking them in (sea) salt water.
  4. Hydrate: Drink roughly 9-12 cups of water daily
  5. Ritual bath: Take a warm bath with a cup or more of sea salt dissolved into the water.
  6. Diaphragmic breathing: Spend five minutes breathing deeply.  Let your belly rise and fall as you inhale and exhale.  During inhalation notice how the fresh air restores and nourishes your body and energy.  During exhalation, allow yourself to purge negative and unwanted energy or anything that no longer serves you.
  7. Color power: Wear a color you enjoy or something that embodies the energy you want to enter into your life.  You may also set the intention that this color reflects what you want to improve in your life.
  8. Enjoy nature: Exposure to sunlight helps balance energy.  Walking outdoors is a calming and grounding way to optimize your energy.  Going to the beach, especially with the salt breeze is a great way to cleanse your aura.  So is bathing in a naturally body of water or standing in the wind.  If you live in the city, access sun and fresh air via a deck or a neighborhood park.  Breathe in this air and let it connect you to yourself and the universe.
  9. Smudging: Grab a bundle of sage or another aromatic herb that is tied together with a natural fiber cord. Safely light the end of this bundle and blow out the flame so only a few embers are burning and a waft of smoke emanates.  Wave the smudge stick around your body from head to toe allowing the smoke to purify your field.  Keep in mind a few bits of burning herb will fall, so ensure you are smudging in a safe place.

You will know if your cleansing efforts have been effective if you feel better.  You now should feel more relaxed, peaceful, clear-minded, and optimistic.  If you don’t notice any success than consider enlisting the services of a trained and reputable energy worker.