5 Ways the Universe Could Be Signaling You

5 Ways the Universe Could Be Signaling You

There are a lot of ways to go in life and sometimes it is hard to figure out which way is the right way. It can be a big decision. There are times when we want something so much that we become confused as to whether it will ever actually come to be. We can begin to wonder if it is the right thing at all.

How do you know? How can you be sure you are on the right path? The universe has ways to show you. There are five specific ways to know if you are going in the correct direction.

  1. Things get cut away from your life.

It may feel like a lot of bad karma going on when it happens, but in truth, this cutting away is to make room for new things, new goals, and a new direction. Growing grapes is a good example. Grape growers must severely cut back the vines every year to remove the dead branches so that new branches and have a better, more plentiful harvest. Your life is the same way.  You can’t have more in the future if there is deadwood in your present.

  1. You have providential appointments.

Things seem to just happen without you trying. It all just falls upon you. New opportunities abound, new people come into your life that can help you, and you are thrust into new situations. It all just comes together to promote you to your dream.

  1. You’re happy for no real reason.

The traumatic effects of cutting away may have made you a bit fretful, but you are truly excited about your future. You wake up happy about what the day will bring and look forward to new challenges. You no longer need to know the destination but are thrilled with the journey.

  1. You are tested.

Often, right before a breakthrough, you will face a test of your resolve. While this could be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a setback. It could be a setup for your big break. for instance, an investor may drop out but then you decide to go a different route that leads you to a bigger investor. This test also gives you a moment to make sure you have resolved in your dream and it also provides you with a bit of quiet time before the fast pace sets in.

  1. Your faith abounds.

Faith without action is dead. You believe in your dream but aren’t sitting around waiting on it to arrive. You are moving to make it happen. That may mean going to business conferences or small workgroups, seeking out speaking opportunities, or going on a blind date. The universe, or God, will match or exceed our efforts. You can’t outgive God. He will always give more than you put out.

If these things are happening as you are proceeding with your dream, you can bet that you are on the right path and the Universe is trying to help you along with your journey.