Building Immunity against Empathic Illnesses and Pain

Empathic Illnesses

If you are an empath, there is a strong chance that you will feel unwell or run down more than other people. This is because you can take on the emotional and physical illnesses and pain of others. You may even succumb to various ailments because you are overwhelmed with energy from all sides. The good news is that there are ways to counteract the onslaught of these events. From physical distance and energetic barriers, to self-care methods and nourishment, there are many things to do for self-protection. Try the steps below to build up immunity against empathic illness and pain, as well as heal quickly if either attacks you.


Detachment may sound negative, but it is highly important for an empath to learn. This is not shutting down or not caring about others. It is about getting personally involved in every difficult situation that people bring to you. Empaths tend to draw suffering souls to themselves because of feeling such compassion. This is because they can feel the hurt of others and want to help. Though an empath wants to step in and fix the damage it cannot be our “job” to ease all pain. People grow through what they go through so step back and allow the personal and spiritual development to unfold.

Set Healthy Boundaries

This can be a problem for empaths, but something that is highly necessary. When someone is hurting, an empath wants to step in and offer help, but this allows people to expect that help and then be resentful when it is not available. Learning to say “no” is difficult because an empath may feel like a jerk, but self-care is vital if empaths want to stay healthy and be able to help anyone. Keep boundaries healthy, yet firm and stick with them. Those who accept the boundaries and respect them can be supported at times, those who become resentful would likely bring too much negativity in the future.

Energy Barriers

One of the best things an empath can do is to create an energy barrier between the self and all the vibes tossed your way. Some empaths do this by envisioning a bubble of white light surrounding them and about three feet out. They do this before going into public places or dealing with others in difficult environments. This can be whatever is difficult for a specific empath. Though this is like a cocoon, it is important to allow room for energy flow. Some also ask for help from spiritual guides to shield them.


Many empaths feel that crystals help them to boost protective energy. If you have a strong affinity to certain stones, consider carrying a couple with you or wearing them as jewelry with direct skin contact. This way you can feel the positive effects as they remove negative energy. If you are working with protective crystals, try black kyanite, black onyx, green aventurine, amethyst, labradorite, turquoise, or hematite to start. Sit with the stones individually and meditate to see how each makes you feel. Choose the ones that you have the strongest affinity toward and try them in different combinations. Every person will be different, so get to know them well. Once you have found your protective combination, keep them close at all times. Many will absorb negativity and deflect or dispel it. Make sure they are regularly cleansed to release the energy appropriately.


Words have power, so write down what you feel and what you want to release. Keep a positivity journal each day or week. Committing to the thoughts and feelings amplifies them when positive, so the opposite is true of the negative. Take time to ground yourself and write down whatever is bothering you. It will be cathartic, but once you are done, close the journal and imagine closing the door on the hurt. If necessary, rip up or burn the pages to keep your well-being at its best. The more you do this, the better you will feel.

Be Present in Your Body

Many empaths feel alienated from the human experience. Since it is easy to be overwhelmed, most learn to “tune out” pretty early on. This is a form of self-preservation. The problem is that this leaves the door open and unlocked, which is fine in a secluded environment, but not great if in a busy area. Put simply, you may have an escape, but other energy can get in easily. Being present in your body can be intimidating, but once you have established boundaries and put up energy protections, it gets easier. Your body can become your private fortress. Try exercise like weight training or Tai Chi to engage the mind, body, and breathwork. As the physical body and protective barriers get stronger, your immunity to empathic pain will also intensify.


Water is extremely helpful when it comes to releasing unwanted energy. How you choose to use it is up to you because different techniques are useful to different people. Some like to dump Epsom salts into a hot bath and add a few drops of essential oil in and then soak. As the water drains, envision the negative energy slipping down the drain. Other people do this with a shower, washing away the negativity down the drain. In warmer weather, swimming in a lake or river can be an option.

Honor Empathic Sensitivities

Never be afraid to opt out of situation that make you feel bad. Some people may feel that exposing yourself to these situations will desensitize you, but this rarely works. In fact, over-exposure to toxic environments will make you more sensitive. Occasional, small amounts with decontamination afterwards is fine though. Consider environments that replenish, rather than diminish. Some circumstances allow you to build up a tolerance, but it takes time and patience. When you feel you have reached you limit, then put up barriers and get out as soon as possible.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

No diet works for everyone. However, many empaths find a great deal of relief with anti-inflammatory diets, like those for people with autoimmune disorders. Foods like gluten, nuts, nightshades, and whole nourishing foods are best. Some empaths swear by vegan diets, but others prefer keto or paleo. Find foods that nourish you on the cellular level so you are less susceptible to illness.

Tend the Lymphatic System

Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is key to building up the immune system. This goes for both physical and spiritual immunity. Those who are stressed are more susceptible to illness. This is doubly so for empaths. Eat a diet to meet your body’s needs and try lymph-stimulating yoga sequences. Try lymph-draining massage and essential oils as well. It is like spring cleaning for the body. Make sure to drink plenty of water, with lemon when possible and wear loose clothing made of natural fibers for additional help.

We are all incredibly complex mind, body, spirit entities. It takes time to build up empathic illness and pain tolerance. Keep healthy boundaries, treat your body as sacred, and honor your abilities, taking breaks as necessary. Being an empath is exhausting, but it is also a rare gift so caring for yourself is important.