Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath?

If someone knows what is going on around them, chances are they are an empath.  These types of people see the world differently and are very emotional.  They are aware of what is going on around them and what other people need.

Being an empath isn’t just emotions it can be physical pain too that is caused by someone else’s intentions.  If an empath picks up the experience of those around them, it might be a sensitive time for them.

Having a lot of empathy is one trait with someone that has HSP.  HSP is a stimulus that makes people emotional and sensitive.  It is likely that most empaths are sensitive but not all sensitive people are empaths.

How can you tell if you are an empath?

Taking Emotions

An empath will take other people’s feelings as their own and will feel what someone else is feeling and will absorb their feelings.

No one knows how this really works but people who have high emotions will pick up on changes of body expression and tone and know what someone else is feeling.

These neurons can make them feel what someone else is feeling as if they are the same person.

Overwhelming Emotions

One on one emotions can happen, and they can happen sometimes when you are alone or without warning.  If you are an empath, you can have a hard time in public because you might feel emotional out of nowhere.


When you are in a place and it is calm and peaceful you will do well but if there is a problem, you will have a hard time adjusting to the area because you pull the energy in the room in you.

Understanding People

An empath will be absorbing of emotion and will learn to understand what people are going through.  They understand and connect.

People Come for Advice

Empaths are good at giving advice and supporting people.  They like to listen and are patient when they meet someone.  If this is how you are, chances are you know this can be hard and people can take your energy.

Tragic Events

If you are an empath, if something horrible happens to someone it feels like it is happening to you.  You might even feel physical pain or pain in your heart over an event or a loss.

Empaths, like HSPs do not do well when there is a tragedy.

You Love Animals and Babies

Everyone loves babies but if you are an empath you REALLY love babies and you react over the top when you are around them.  This happens around puppies and kittens too.

This is a great thing about being an empath because positive things can follow you and bring you joy.

Feel Illness of Others

If someone around you is sick or having pain, you might actually feel the sickness as your own.  You might experience shortness of breath or pain or tightness in your body.

This can be uncomfortable and not the gift you want, but it can also be good so you can help others.  It isn’t surprising that some nurses and doctors are empaths because they like to take pain away.

Relationships Can Be Overwhelming

Relationships can be challenging but if you have high emotions, they can be even overwhelming.  If you are in a relationship and feel flooded with emotion, then you might be an empath.  If you are always feeling their energy, then you might have a hard time meeting their demands without getting worn out.

Some people that are empaths stay single because the emotions are too strong, and it is hard to find a partner that will respect these things.

Lie Detector

You have been lied to but you have also been deceived.  An empath is hard to deceive, and it is hard for them to understand social cues.  This means it is impossible for someone to hide their true intentions from an empath because they already know.

Not Understandable

There are times that the manager will put their own needs over a team but if you are an empath, you don’t do this.  This is because they are leaders and they are great at listening and will always be uniting people to reach the same goal.

Empaths want to be around a team that feels heard and they want people to make good decisions.


Empaths are peaceful and they are good to be around when times are hard.  This can develop to heal people and help them when there is a real problem in their life.

Being an empath can help other people to stop unhealthy patterns and it is because they are sensitive and caring.


An empath cannot walk past someone in need without wanting to help them.  If you are always concerned about someone then you know that there is always a job to do.  You will care even when you are rushed.

Empaths are valuable to the world and amazing to the human race.  They help people to feel better and make the world brighter.  It is not impossible to see what good empaths do and how they meet the needs of others.  We could use more empaths in our lives.