What to Do When You Have Karmic and Cosmic Ties?

What to Do When You Have Karmic and Cosmic Ties?

People are usually familiar with karma, but most people do not really realize that karma has to do with cause and effect. The things that people do in their lives will cause there to be something else that happens as they incarnate and reincarnate. They might even meet new people along their journey from many different lifetimes until they reach their highest self.

Doing good things and being kind to others can bring about good karma while being selfish and mean will lead to bad karma filling you. This is good because some people never understand why bad things happen to them, even though they think they are good. Maybe someone has done something bad to you and they will be adding up their bad karma that will be repaid to them at a later date.

Sometimes good things seem to happen to people that are not very nice, but the truth is that these people might have done good things such as given to charity or helped others and they are just reaping their good karma.

Categories of Karma

There are different kinds of karma and one of them is called Sanhita karma. This is where your have a sum of the karma that you have created over all of your lives. You will deal with so much karma and it cannot all come in one lifetime or it would be too overwhelming.

The second karma is called Prabodha karma or fate karma. This is when you have to pay your debt and part of your karma has to be worked out. This can be hard things you have to face.

The third karma is called Kriyamana and is karma that you make over your lifetime. This goes into an account type thing and you can create good karma and try to avoid bad karma.


The Kabbalah is the reason that a soul leaves the universal soul and needs to achieve things. This means that some people have to make a trip back to the universe through reincarnation because they need to reach their higher self.

The Zohar says that there has to be something that is positive energy that is not love or affection and that when this is shared, it gives of itself and gives light.

This also says that there is a new energy when you are created, and you create a sharing gene. This is where you will get light to grow and to be able to express things and to give to others. If you want to be a light, this is where you will be it.

In your relationships, there will be abundance and you will not expect anything to come back to you.

Physical and Metaphysical

When a person is in the light, there is a need for separation. This is an expression and people want to return to the light in full force.

The light is there to help you decide between your physical and metaphysical body and when the realities become crossed, it can be a shattering event.

The human cycle of incarnation will begin and there will be a learning experience that you must learn to master before you can incarnate again.

Soulmate Matches

We all want to find our soulmate, but this is not easy. People travel through many lifetimes before they find the one. They play different roles and they go to the next round until they reach their higher self. The universe doesn’t make accidents and people are there for a reason.

When people have a connection and develop an emotional relationship, this is a soulmate or a kindred soul. There will be an instant connection and you will have a hard time leaving them. It will be easy to understand this person and to talk to them because you have already met them in the past life.

Matched souls are friendship or family members. They come together and live together in peace and they will be people that are close to you.

Twin Souls

A twin soul is similar to a soulmate but on a stronger level. This person will be the opposite sex and they will be the half of your missing soul. They will be emotionally, physically, and spiritually attached to you. They will go through things with you, speak to you in your mind and communicate with you easily. This will be a forever bond.

These souls can make you feel that your life is up and down and nothing is ever easy, but it is good. The souls will work together, and they will unite with you in one ball of energy.

This might not be someone you expect to be your mate but, in the end, you will find that they are the one. This relationship can be stressful but, in the end, you will have unconditional love for them.

Cosmic Relationship

Your cosmic partner is a special karma relationship. Not everyone will be your cosmic partner, and this can only happen to so many people. This can be part of your karmic debt and this can be separate genders that will test life together.

We all have met someone that makes us say “wow.” A cosmic partner might be your lover and will not be with you for very long because you both have other things you have to accomplish but you will know how strong your bond is.

Karmic Partners

Not all type of karmic partners will be intense or make you feel familiar with them. You will meet people along the way at the doctor office, in school, on the street or even in your neighborhood or a club that you are involved in. These will be people that you talk to an interact with, but you will not be with these people for long.

You might realize that these people remind you of something such as a book or a painting and it will be hard to get them out of your mind but they will not be part of your life for very long.


We will meet many karmic ties along our journey. Learn to embrace these relationships and let them teach you what you need to learn to be your better self.