How Long Will An Awakening Last?

How Long Will An Awakening Last?

People often ask how long a spiritual awakening will last and the truth is that it will last as long as it takes for you to reach your highest consciousness level. This is not set time, and everyone is different. Each person will get to this place when it is there time and there are no real rules.

How we develop our mind and how we learn lessons will help to decide when the awakening will happen and how long it will take. Some will take longer but some will happen right away. We will learn along our spiritual journey as we increase our knowledge of the universe.

People wonder how long the spiritual awakening will last and how long it will take but being impatient will not help. The path to your spiritual awakening will not have anything to do with what you are doing on the earth but how important your progress is.

When you think about who you are and who is important around you, you will see that your thoughts often identify with your feelings and your emotions. When you figure out what is important in time, you will see that this means nothing towards your awakening.

Being impatient is not a good thing and you need to continue to work on yourself. This is not a bad thing because we all have to learn to focus more on what is important in your life and realize that there are more things that you need to discover and truth to be found. Deep down the planet feels what you are doing and that is why we need to realize what we are doing.

Our mind will change slowly, and no one should expect this to be sudden but allow it to naturally come to you. You will feel changes in your life, and you will become full of joy and peace.

Maybe you have forgotten what being happy feels like but as you develop into your higher level of consciousness, you will begin to realize what your joy is like.

Each person looks at themselves differently and, on your journey, you will find that you are looking for love and peace and you will begin to be more tolerant than you used to be.

You have to understand that you are on a life path and you need to get rid of your old thinking.

Slow and Safe

You should not ask how long it will take for you to reach your awakening but how far you have come. You need to focus on loving yourself and to figure out that you are beautiful and what life has given you. You may not see the true you and you need to open your mind to this.

The biggest truth is that each person is on their own spiritual journey and everyone has to go through things in order to understand themselves and to forgive themselves.

We have to learn to forgive and let go of trauma and bad things that have happened in the past. We must look at our behaviors and see things in a different light than we have seen them before.

Your journey is your own personal thing and you can see that as a child you learned many things and now you have to learn things differently now.

How Long Will Your Journey Take?

Your journey will take as long as it takes you to learn and develop to your higher level. You have to learn to tolerate yourself and not only that, but to love who you are. Your awakening will be a development of your mind, body, and soul.

You will be more aware of what you are thinking and how you view things in your life. You have to learn to know what you believe and how you see things and what your system of thought is about yourself.

While on your journey, you will get as much information as you can, and you will go through changes. You will find that the more information that you can get the better and you will see the value in your life.

Why Does it Take So Long?

People often spend more time in their awakening than others because of things holding them back. If you are held back by negative feelings and fear or jealousy, chances are you are not disciplined enough to reach your journey yet. The way that you think and believe will decide this.

The blocks that you have in your spirit will begin to change and disappear and you will see things form a different point of view. You will learn to cherish your life and to move to new levels.

Your journey is important, and it is a way that you can change your values, attitude, and behaviors. The relationship that you have with people will reach a new level and the blessings that you have will come to you when you least expect them, and it will bring you happiness.


It might take minutes or years for you to reach your spiritual awakening. The way that you develop, and change will help you along your path. The way that you think and see things will develop and you will change your actions on your path.

Your spiritual awakening has nothing to do with your goals and dreams, it has to reaching your higher self.

Time is just a thing and when you are more aware of your life and your journey you will learn to enjoy it even if it takes time.

Stop thinking about how long your journey will take and learn to embrace the actions and emotions that you will feel and the changes that will come. Be aware of your journey and your progress and reach your ultimate happiness.